Escape from Tarkov

S.T.A.L.K.E.R meets The Division. This game looks pretty good to be in alpha.


A bit more info

Oooo! This seems (keyword: seems) like exactly the multiplayer incarnation of STALKER the world needs.

Like anything not released I’m skeptical… but tentatively excited. Thanks for sharing!

That video got me excited. I haven’t met properly realistic sim-survival game that feels “proper” to play. Dayz is too clunky. FarCry francize is too gamey. Cant think of any others at this time…

The Closed Beta is now available to all pre-orders and is pretty flippin’ sweet.

I’ll see if I can post some screens this week.

There was much talk about this on the Oculus forum a while back. People who were not impressed with the attitude of experienced Onward players towards newcomers (not so much of an issue now Onward has SP and co-op modes) were pointed in the direction of Escape From Tarkov. Most of them returned with favourable comments.


It does look sweet … hey @AeroMechanical … which edition did you pick up and which would you recommend?

The Standard edition looks fine to me but will my stash size, equipment and resources always be limited?

I got the basic edition- $45 USD is already pretty steep for early access pre-ordering, but from gameplay videos I figured it was worth the risk to me.

Equipment and resources will not always be limited, and I’m actually having quite a bit of fun working my way up from the bottom. Low-level fights are fun in a cops-and-robbers kinda way (pistols and pump-actions). Also, it feels great to outmaneuver some guy armed to the teeth and then dispatch him unceremoniously***.

Stash size is admittedly a little cramped, but not ridiculously so. IMO I think it’s a good gameplay decision- the small stash-size encourages trading away stuff you won’t use and making the most with what you have which fits in well with the post-apocalyptic theme. Travel light!

Might be able to explain more about the gameplay w/ screenshots tonight.

*** This actually gets into what I think is a central theme of the game’s design: A lot of decision you make are meaningful and have consequences, good and bad. Example: You could enter an area as a full-blown tactical barbie, but it just takes one lucky break for a clever guy lurking with a knife or pistol to ruin you- and then he gets all your stuff. On the other hand, being said clever guy puts you at a serious disadvantage in the initial chaos when a round starts- if you don’t find someone to ambush you’ll miss all the loot!

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Any word on what the “early access” period is for the second tier purchase? Looks like standard edition is just beta access but upper tiers unlock “early” with no mention of how much time that is.

The Closed Beta for all pre-orders is here.

As far as I know you can purchase any pre-order package and gameplay is just a download/install away.

This vid shows the kind of stuff that piques my interest in this game …

and it’s already 7 months old!

Not sure about the Early Access thing rhino …

No I get that. But if you check the order page, there is a distinct difference in the wording for the base package and the upper tiers. Everyone gets beta access, but the upper tiers say something like

“Early unlock of your digital copy (early access)”

The standard edition doesn’t say that, it just says guaranteed access to closed beta.

EDIT: I was wrong- see @Tankerwade’s post below.

Ah that might be.

No, I think they mean that after the closed beta is over and release happens the higher tiers will get theirs unlocked first, guaranteeing a head start in the release environment.

That’s how I read it.

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I retract my statement, this seems more likely.

K so that was my initial interpretation but it doesn’t indicate how early. Couldn’t find anything on the forums either. If it’s just like 3-4 days I don’t really care. If it’s like a month or two or something that could be decision point. I’m not likely to spend more than the base anyway I don’t think but I hate it when things are unclear.

When has Early Access ever meant more than a few days rhino?

Are you actually contemplating spending $100cdn or more for this game?

No, I’m contemplating buying it at all.

Early Access has a new definition thanks to steam. PUBG is early access, not beta. It’s hard to tell sometimes. But based on some stuff on the forums it looks like a few days.

edit: I see why you asked. That’s written wrong in the other post. I’m not spending more than the base. Was typing on my phone and editing as I wrote.