Escape from Tarkov

lol wtf is this payment system fee bs? I have never seen that before. Adding anywhere from 2-7 dollars depending on method of payment.

Ya, everything from the ground up with this game seems to be proprietary. I think it charged me some stupid 2.50 payment fee to use my Mastercard. Everything ended up to be $60cdn (I checked my credit card activity).

This game is insane, and I’m not sure if it’s insanely good or insanely bad at this point … we’re still trying to figure it out. :grin:

So the lack of guidance is a bit annoying, since you literally have to figure everything out yourself. I don’t mind not having my handheld, but this is a bit extreme.

Anyway Linebacker and I fumbled through (never ask him to navigate – where are you? I dunno there’s buildings and some greenhouses. … Ok, I see a bunch of wooden buildings in a swamp. … No I said greenhouses.)

Anyway, after not finding each other, I managed to successfully escape the shoreline without dying, though I really should have - one dude had me dead to rights, but I -think- I managed the voice chat to tell him I was friendly. Must have since he stopped shooting me.

Anyway, only way we (I) managed to figure out generally what the heck I was supposed to be doing was googling a map and finding my way to an exit. Found some loot prior to that, but nothing much. Haven’t managed to loot a gun at all, but I’ve lost two by dying.

My third attempt I managed to actually kill two dudes (suspect they were AI), but an unseen third managed to kill me. I was so close to the exit, too.

Anyway, slightly frustrating experience, but I do like what I’ve played. There could be SOME hand-holding to help ease new players, I find, but I suppose there’s some charm in figuring things out.

That being said, I have no idea how to tell who’s AI and not. I have no idea how to flag to people that you have zero interest in killing them when they’re the same faction as you. And I’m a bit afraid this is just going to turn into a shoot on sight fest regardless of faction, but I can’t really say since I haven’t played enough.

Will continue playing for sure. It’s graphically really nice, though the inside of buildings is so dark it’s impossible to see without a flashlight, which, alas I do not have.


You actually have to load bullets into your magazines before you can use them. :slight_smile:

Ya. That’s the kind of hand-holding stuff that’d be nice to have. I know it’s just beta, so maybe that’s coming, but it doesn’t seem like it’s intended to be included.

But maybe, who knows!

Once I had bullets I killed people!

Bullet management. That’s what it’s all about! :wink:

I’m curious to hear what you guys think after playing some more.

I almost pulled the trigger a couple weeks back but decided to hold off for further development after seeing how some of the mechanics still needed work.

One of the streamers mentioned that most people go into a match naked so they can’t lose gear…but then what’s the point of getting loot at all?

At this point I’m not even sure what the point of the game is beyond these mini-raids. There is literally zero instruction.

I mean, the actual instance is totally cool. The gunplay (what I’ve done of it) is sweet, the modifications you can do to your gun are amazing, and the inventory system is pretty nice. Movement could use some tweaking, but hey it’s beta (I ran into what was seemingly an invisble wall for example, as well as some issues with the character model snapping around when you’re prone and turn into an obstacle).

But I have to say aside from the whole “aimless” aspect, and my general lack of understanding over what to do, last night was a lot of fun. Once you’re geared up a bit and have a goal, I’m sure it’ll be awesome. There’s a whole economy aspect to it as well, though again, I have no idea what that’s about and haven’t had to time to read up on it.

Looking forward to continuing.

I think the point of the Closed Beta is to generate more data to figure out how to fine-tune the combat system and to ferret out technical difficulties. My ROE right now is unless I’m in a party with someone I’m on voice chat with I shoot on sight (unless I’m trying to be sneaky). Side note- had a great, tense moment where I encountered someone and I’m trying to rapidly figure out if he was my friend:


Apparently a “trustworthiness” system is in the works, as are raids that have a bit more organization to them other than the battle-royale cluster that is the case right now, which will make things quite a bit more interesting.

I think that’s largely map specific right now- I usually go into factory with just a pistol since it’s such a dangerous environment. Maybe I get lucky, get a few kills, and escape, or maybe I die in 10 seconds. Keeps it interesting :smiley:

When teamwork gets folded into the game a bit more I think equipment will become more significant.

Oh I totally get that the beta is not for playing. It’s more an observation that it’s hard to “test” if something is working correctly if you don’t know how it’s supposed to work in the first place lol.

Fair point re: the teamwork / trust stuff. That should reduce the KoS attitude a bit. I mean, I’d expect the USEC guys to not be shooting each other, you know?

And yes, locating your partner is an exercise. Linebacker and I were not good at that lol.

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The one letdown I’ve had so far is there’s no compass yet!

“Move toward the sun!” Isn’t working out. :slight_smile:

I’m not even convinced Rhino and I were in the same matches!

I think I’ve even seen reports of players using constellations to judge direction at night lol.

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I want a coop STALKER.

Getting better guns and armor is nice, but I really tire of the whole loot drop mechanic. I had enough of that with the Borderlands franchise where it works well enough, but I don’t want that in EVERY game.

BTW–coop means skipping PvP. I’m enjoying Ghost Recon Wildlands despite all its shortcomings (and there are many) because there’s just coop in it. I stopped playing PvP games around 2004 I think. I just get little satisfaction from killing another player while I get a TON of frustration by being killed by another player. The risk-reward equation does not balance for me.

I loved all 3 STALKER games and played them with various mods over the years. I would love a new one. Just not a PvP arena version.

Man I wanted to try this on Woods so badly but the one time I’ve played it the weather was a pouring downpour. It was awesome… but of course precluded that idea.

Well I hope you had night vision goggles anyway! I’ve briefly seen Tarkov at night … pitch black dark … and Rhino already thinks the inside of buildings are too dark during daylight hours hahaha!

I’ll be on again tonight …

Speaking of darkness, I hopped on for a little more Tarkov tonight. This is maybe 6pm gametime LOL …

some sweet lighting when shooting weapons at night though …

can anyone see any constellations? …

always happy to see various door options in a tac shooter!!! …

“KNOCK” LOL! reminded me of that old Chevy Chase Landshark sketch on SNL that NBC definitely doesn’t want me to watch on YouTube so I have a replacement example …

definitely some great shooting dynamics going on in EFT … gives me that warm rainbow six feeling all over again.


This is another one that gets mentioned in the same sentence as Onward and Escape From Tarkov - anyone tried it?

Edit - I also found this - looks very much like CS, and the players seem a bit, well, amateur - but dig that SA80 action! :smiley:

For the demo, you need to use this link:

Fellow Escapers, rumors are building that we might have a significant update in the pipeline:

Battlestate games is at a gaming con this week, supposedly showing off the new hideout and quest/task system. I guess we’ll see if we get to reap those benefits soon.

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Patch 0.4 is incoming!

Patch highlights:

  • Oodles of new equipment, including the holy AKM
  • Adjustments and improvements to make AI behave more realistically
  • Performance optimization
  • Revamp to the barter economy

My thoughts:

Still not sure what I’m supposed to be escaping in the game, but I’m having such a fun time that it doesn’t really matter.

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LOL! :+1: I’ll have to get back into it soon.

ps. my knees ache just looking at those Russian dances :grinning:

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