Escape from Tarkov


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Patch 0.4.1.** is in the pipeline!

The primary focus of this patch is optimizing the network component of the game and making it more reliable.

The lag/desync fixes have been awaited with great anticipation- the game’s been plagued by them at least as long as I’ve been playing, apparently since the closed Alpha. If they fix that, the game goes from “Great… when it’s working.” to “Pretty great!”

@Tyco, are you prepared to get Cheeki Breeki in beautiful, terrifying, lag-free (He, hah, hah. Right) night factory runs?


You know it!


Battlestate Games seems keen on their promise of “Open Beta at the start of the new year”, and with that, we’re getting a nice stream of updates showing the new toys they expect to put in game:

There’s going to be a 25% discount at the beginning of the testing leading up to Open Beta in a week or two.


Is anyone following this thread other than me now? Who knows! I’m having fun with it!

The past two weeks have brought some serious drama to light in Escape from Tarkov. Detractors are suggesting a name-change to “Escape from Desync” or “Lagging from Tarkov”. Respected youTuber Battle(non)sense released THIS video:

For those not inclined to watch, his data seems to indicate that Escape from Tarkov suffers from some of the worst network latency players have experienced since the era of poorly designed Half Life 1 mods.

The community backlash was as savage as can be expected. Battlestate games’ initial offer to update the Unity engine and improve latency during Open Beta (originally anticipated to arrive sometime in March or April) was thoroughly attacked. After a brief but frank exchange of opinions on Battle(non)sense’s analysis, they released this tweet:

Which brings us to the present day. Patch 0.7.4., announced several days ago, will bring various quality of life improvements and (supposedly) the first phase of a badly needed netcode overhaul.

For now, the future is uncertain. Why is the patch taking so long to drop? Will Battlestate games honor their promise to fix the netcode before Open Beta? Will Battle(non)sense return to verify their claims!?

I sure as hell don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but the social drama has me on the edge of my seat! Tune in next time for our thrilling conclusion, on the AeroMechanical Tarkov Update!


I can say it’s considerably more thrilling to watch when you have no money invested in it. :wink:

Should it fail I’m out nothing, and if it succeeds it might make it worth getting.


You know, through this entire process I think the game’s actually already earned its price tag.

It’s fun as-is and certainly unique, and it looks like the developers care enough to fix the issues while completing their original vision. I’m certainly rooting for them and don’t see myself quitting anytime soon.

I came of age in the era of bad-mods and bug-infested launches and I never realized how much I missed being with a game through its growing pains. It’s not sterile, it’s not balanced, and it’s sometimes laughably bad…

But it’s certainly never boring, either.


0.9 Patch trailer …

I should revisit Tarkov. Last time I tried the game wouldn’t even launch. :smiley:


I haven’t played in the past 2 months because of stuff like this:

Not quite sure where the game is meandering but right now it feels like airsoft, complete with people not calling their hits and unnecessary gun barbie. Hopefully they can recover from the tailspin.


We’re really making progress now: