Euro Truck & American Truck Sim 1.4 Update

Some fancy new lighting. Going to go try it now on the 1.4 Open Beta:

I’ll post some pics if it looks good.


The reflections are much nicer for sure:

The cab at night has nicer shadows:

Street and ambient lighting and shadows are better:

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Some day time in Aberdeen, WA, although must be some sort of bug as it’s not raining.

Reflections are really nice. Playing in 4K and FPS seems fine so far.

The cab looks much nicer like this.

Really happy with it. Will do some desert and some sunsets maybe later. Good upgrade.


Yup, it’s a nice update, both during day and night looks much better now. No longer headlights clearly visible on road during daytime and night lighting looking so much better. But shadows still doesn’t line up with actual sun position (clearly seen at dusk/dawn), but that’s small nitpick. Also it has some performance hit, I had to lower resolution scale a bit to maintain 60FPS at all Ultra settings. But this is still at beta so they might optimize it a bit for final release.

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Yeah, when I tend to play ATS I just do the VR thing and put the radio on and chill. When 1.4 gets VR (I really hope it will!) back on then I’ll have to turn down some settings for sure. :face_vomiting:

I haven’t tried it yet. I was kinda waiting for it to come out of open beta. I’m assuming when Iberia is released 1.40 will be public.

Looking forward to it but tons of other things to do for now.

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I saw this post, and thought, what the heck, I can’t fly without VR, so why not fire up this again. And promptly fell down a rabbit hole. What a yummy game. Perhaps I should break out the steering wheel for it, would be vastly better than the xbox controller…

I love the radio stations. So cool. And the changing of the scenery. And the finely tuned RPG game mechanics underlying the game. And the fine vehicle simulation. And the meticulous way the truck is modelled, oozing love for the subject matter.

What DLC’s should I get? I already have France, Scandinavia and “going east”(Poland?). I would like some more detail for .nl, and Italy looks sweet.


It is really nice isn’t it? Sort of Elite Dangerous but less weapons and better music :wink:

I don’t really play the European version much, as big American rigs were my thing. I know periodically Humble and Fanatical do pretty deep bundle DLC discounts, so might be worth waiting till one comes up.

EDIT: I should say I do have the ‘Heavy Haul’ (not sure of the name) pack, as enormous cargos are great fun - plus really profitable. Just watch that turning circle! :slight_smile: Here → Euro Truck Simulator 2 Cargo Bundle on Steam


Italy is nice. Baltic sea and black sea are nice too. Should be able to get one and ride it out until a sale comes around then pick up the other 2.

If I had to guess when Iberia is released there might be a sale on previous dlc.


ETS2 and ATS are great games for chilling out. With Track IR and good FFB wheel with clutch and shifter (I use manual + clutch even with trucks that offer auto transmissions) it’s just awesome. I get all DLCs as they came out so it’s not a big deal for the wallet since they release one DLC per a year? The thing with DLCs though is that the newest ones are so much better since they were made not long ago compared to the first ones like “Going East”. When you drive through Poland to Slovakia to Hungary and further to Romania and Bulgaria (part of Road to Black Sea DLC) you will see BIG difference in quality. SCS is updating older parts (Germany was recently updated) but for now early parts of Eastern Europe are few years behind - it’s like another game. And since you need that “connection” to get further south east to get to Romania you probably need the Going East expansion to travel to the newer DLC regions I assume?

If you see the DLCs on sale just get all of them, compared to DCS prices it’s cheap.

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Argh! Them fighting words!

Nah, it’s OK-I just love ED soundtrack by Erasmus Talbot.
But I can see if someone likes something else.

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Elites audio is second to none, I meant more in truck sim I use the inbuilt internet radio channels - they have trucker music and there is something about a John Denver track and hauling cows through New Mexico :wink:


Can you FLY over the scenery too?

Not deliberately.


Hehehe no yeah, it’s OK. I totally understand, also it really helps immersion!

The games are pretty realistic. Good fun. The only thing I don’t like is how they simulate weight. It’s quite jarring when you reverse to not have the weight acting on the tractor increase as the trailer begins to turn. But that is a very small nitpick. They genuinely are excellent games.


That’s a strong endorsement, almost like a fighter pilot endorsing DCS.

I find the game exercises building the mental image needed for backing up the trailer. It feels lile getting good at it in the game will help IRL. I also like how the game punishes insufficient mirror usage.

Frack roadblocks. Gah.

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So, I’m now a good ways in. I own a truck and trailer and have long distance skill maxed. Bought the baltics and Italy.

I am wondering, what are the pros and cons to the different chassis options? For engine amd transmission its easy, the bigger the better, right? Do I want all of the axles? Why wouldn’t I want all of the wheels on my truck? Are the lifting ones worth it? What about steering axes on the trailer?


i could talk for hours on this subject dude.
TL:dr = It doesnt really matter in game from what i could see

i could pull a heavy haul load with a 2 axle tractor that would snap it in the real world


As far as I have experienced, the only differences I see is turn radius and Fuel load. the 4x2 has a great turn radius and huge fuel tank. But its really all preference as @Victork2 said. In ETS2 I run a 4x2 for my normal cargo and I have a 8x4 for my heavy cargo. In ATS I run a 6x2 for normal cargo and will run an 8x4 for heavy cargo.

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