Euro Truck & American Truck Sim 1.4 Update

I love the huge heavy cargos add-on. The police escort, guidance cars and the closed roads make it fun, plus getting out of the parking lot feels like a tetris game in itself. Many lamposts have fallen… :slight_smile:


In the UK if the police get a more important call they bugger off and the escort vehicle is normally driven by the apprentice who only just passed his driving test. Its quite the performance to drive both vehicles, navigate, not hit anything and be your own escort.
I moan a lot about heavy haulage but it genuinely was good fun.


This is my truck. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without it, I am useless. Without me, it is useless. I will take care of my truck, and it will take care of me. The screenshot is from a couple days ago, the truck now has a couple more lights, snazzy sideskirts, etc. I haven’t put more wheels on it… yet

edit: Oooh, found the photo-op mode!

Blasting along through some baltic state. Hauling fifteen tons of fine machinery from Pskov (Russia) to Palermo (Italy). Maxing out long-haul was worth it.

Everytime I blast through a defunct, decrepit border post I feel like humming Beethoven’s 9th :wink: :eu:

But also this:


Not exactly relevant but the DAF XF has the BEST mattress I’ve ever slept on. It’s utterly perfect.
You should get an extra 10٪ well rested bonus when you use it in ETS2


So cabs, purely cosmetic as well? They are expensive, but I paid off the bank on my truck and when I do get to Palermo, I’ll be swimming in a metric crapton of cash…

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You gotta live in it for a few weeks, every square centimeter of space and storage counts…
But yeah, no practical purpose, slightly better fuel economy maybe, offset by higher tare weight if you want to nitpick

In ETS yes purely cosmetic. In ATS cabs affect your chassis options.

Yay, one for the Country AND Western channel!

Independence Day Reaction GIF by Broad City

(I own ETS2, I should use it more, not sure why I don’t).

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My play time is equal on both games, and ETS 2 has been out longer. I dont know what it is but I like ATS better although driving through eastern Europe is very fun. I cant wait for the Russia expansion coming after Iberia.

Hmm…I might have to give this a whirl. I have ATS (and ETS)…and I think I’ve gotten pretty much everything except Idaho for ATS…picked it up in a shoe sale. The tight maneuvering stuff appeals to me…like it is strategic. I’ve often thought I’d like a real ship simulator that had real docking stuff like winds and currents and some tugs you can direct or control. I don’t know that any of those Ship Simulator series have reached that level though…at least not the ones I tried. I always imagined if I hadn’t become a pilot I would have probably tried to become a small ferry boat captain or something…work my way up that knowledge chain.

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Extra good time in VR as well, as you lean out the cab and make grunting noises doing shoulder looks. I think the VR instructions on the non-1.40 beta still work. Running ETS2 or American Truck Simulator in VR for Rift & Vive

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Cool…looks like I own much of it already too…except Colorado and the optional bobbleheads…

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If I select Oculus/Vive - 1.39 - (SDK 1.4.0) it is asking for an access code to unlock private betas…do I need to select public beta 1.4?

Texas is going to be huge. I wonder if they’ll go Louisiana, Florida and then work their way up the East coast. Mexico and Canada would be fun too.

Oh…never mind…it is updating without anything in there…

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The public_beta is the fancy 1.40 one with the nice lighting, but no VR support so far so 2D only.

The last good VR one was this one I beleive:


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Steam is funny in that as soon as you hit that drop down menu it starts doing…there is no uh “Confirm Yes/No” it just goes to town…LOL…

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I sincerely hope for some Florida Man DLC. The challenges could be epic:

  • Drive 10 miles on the wrong side of the road on I-95
  • Meth simulation…things are gonna get crazy
  • Repo madness - take back four cars without getting shot
  • Alligator transport - but you have to drive one handed as you keep your fingers around the gator’s jaws
  • Hurricane transport - can you handle 80 miles of an hour wind

And that is just ones I came up with in 60 seconds! It will be a goldmine!


I know nothing about it, but there is a MP mod that seems very active. Check out the map (you have to zoom out a bit and find people). Every niche you can think of is far deeper than I’d have thought - cool!

Wait, who’s this guy going south on the I5 towards Tacoma?

Hey, you can get shot at in Chilliwack, forget Florida!

This rabbit hole is really really deep… :rabbit:

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