[Event] Spring Sting Day 2: Turn up the Heat!

To follow up on the excellent success of our first day of [Event] Spring Sting: Rounds 1 & 2 plus by community request, let’s plan up…

Day 2: Turn Up the Heat!

Summer is fast approaching, and we're not the only ones waiting for mother nature to bring the temperatures up so we can enjoy the outdoors around the clock. Our dearest enemies the Red Forces are back and this time want our prime real estate, probably for some dastardly beach party. Secure our territory - you don't want to have to keep the kids at home all summer, do you?


Once again, to be determined by community input.


Hollo Pointe featuring Erl Sis by @WreckingCrew
Hollo Pointe North featuring Offensive Posture by @Franze

The group will decide in the pre-flight gathering, which mission to challenge first.


We’re going to pretty much do the exact same as last time - work through both missions, destroying all the enemy units and doing so in such an order as not to set off the mission restart triggers. Kills & score will not be tallied by damaged and lost airframes will be. For a mission pre-briefing, see the link at the top of this post to view the previous thread & introduction.



Keeping in theme with my snazzy title for this post - we are indeed turning up the heat. Communications will be moving to SRS - the Simple Radio Standalone module for DCS: World. Everyone did very well to communicate last round, and it clogged up the voice comms as we had fighters and attack flights competing for the “airwaves”. SRS will allow us to separate the channels so everyone can keep their hearing & sanity. Need help setting up? Just ask!

ED Forums Information Post: DCS-SimpleRadio Standalone - DCS Modding - ED Forums
Download Location (GitHub): Release Intercom effect and bug fixes · ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone · GitHub

Please note the server is running SRS Version 1.6.1 - the GitHub link is more current in that regard.


Teamwork is our focus, to that effect the F10 view will be restricted to ALLIES ONLY.

TGP equipped aircraft (Harrier / Hog / F-14 if dual-player) will be our eyes and in demand. Keep yourself light, maneuverable, out of harms way and share info on every contact you find!

Fighters will need to keep the airspace clean, and warn allied flights about danger to compliment AWACs.

I think we’ll make a special copy of Erl Sis to be in the late spring / summer - we’ve all had enough of snow for the season!

Player & Aircraft Registration

No type-rating required, please sign up for your aircraft for both missions in advance so we can try to coordinate flights and strategy with available air power. Below will be a list of what you can fly in both missions. Also include any upcoming weekends that would or would not work with your schedule.

Aircraft Availability

Offensive Posture

A-10A x3
A-10C x3
AJS-37 x2
AV-8Bna x6
F-14B x8
F-15C x2
F/A-18C x8
M-2000C x4
JTAC x 1, Tactical Commander x2

Ka-50 x2
MiG-21bis x2
MiG-29A x4
MiG-29S x4
Su-25T x8
Su-27 x4
Tactical Commander x2

Erl Sis

A-10A x4
A-10C x4
AJS-37 x2
AV-8Bna x4
F-14B x6
F-15C x4
F/A-18C x10
M-2000C x2
Ka-50 x4
Mi-8MTV2 x2
UH-1H x4
JTAC x2, Tactical Commander x2

MiG-29A x2
MiG-29S x2
Su-25 x4
Su-25T x4
Su-27 x4
JTAC x2, Tactical Commander x2

I am fine with any weekend excluding June 1st. You will find me in the Hornet for either mission.

Tags for those that inquired about another day: @fearlessfrog @Fridge @Andrew116

Hope to see you all again!


Correction: Erl Sis has F-14B slots available, Offensive Posture has A-10A slots available, though in both cases the slots are limited.


Noted & updated with slot counts.

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I’m in for Harrier and/or Hornet. I’ll fly anything else if needed though, mission dependent.


I might just observe from my wobbly helicopter.


I down, next Saturday will be tight for me but any other weekend should be good. I’m good for F-18, AV8 or A10C whatever is needed.


I should be good for whenever next weekend or the weekend after that. Probably F-18C’s for me.

I’ll stalk the thread and on the off chance I can join in on the right day and time I’ll come - super rusty with anything fast moving and combat capable but maybe a whirlybird or the Mirage for me.


I’ll fly with you

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Uhm… I could try the freshly designed 3 monitor setup flying the Huey or the 'Hawg.

Not to mention the MFG CROSSWIND! YEAH!


You’ll need those pedals, Offensive Posture has nasty crosswinds at mission start!


How long is the delay for the Tarawa AV-8B spawn?

It’s a DCS bug at present with all carriers except the Stennis, you often have to select another slot then go back a couple times in order for it to let you spawn.

I’ll be available most weekends or after a 0000z weekdays.
offensive posture I will sign up for av8b or if more effective people want that I can do a-10a to free up harrier slots

Erl sis, ill fly the hip. Transport, escort, S&R, I’m easy. Going to try to install simple radio again later so I might ask for help on discord if that’s OK.

As an aside - can I still download the missions from wreckingcrewprojects site?


Yes - not sure if they are up to date.
Offensive Posture is Franze’s creation so it’s not there, but we can send it via discord.

As for SRS - just holler! I just set it up for the first time and there are a good number of options but I got it working as I like quite quickly.


Yes, pretty well up to date. Ill refresh them later today in about 4 hours. :sunglasses:

edit → 1600, up to date, here’s the link


Awesome thanks @WreckingCrew

@wes I’ll give you a shout later. Thanks :+1:

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Question - what kind of mic arrangement are you guys on? I’ve just used the webcam mic but it’s not ideal…and the headset I have doesn’t have a mic.

I’m sure that’s not what made SRS stop working on my PC but it all just got a bit hard last time (~2 years ago I think).

Most of us are headsets, but a split setup should work fine. I can’t speak to SRS before about a month ago - but it’s working good now.

My headset classes the mic as USB and the speakers are a 3.5mm (and therefore different devices).

Hey. I can’t take part this weekend (hurt my neck /upper back last week and it’s too stiff for TrackIR). Please run it again soon :slight_smile: