F-111 Strike....

No idea if these bombs existed during the early 90s…

The CAP flight sweeps ahead of us…

Primary target is locked on - but the clouds are preventing me from seeing it…

And I end up zipping right past it without doing anything effective…

A few second later…I eat a missile…sorry @Bogusheadbox!


So…as usual…going down the Strike Fighters rabbit hole leads me to messing with INI files. I’m using Stary’s awesome SARCASM environment mod which changes the clouds and sky stuff…but I’m finding I’m not liking the amount of purple in the sky. I’ve managed to find almost all of the proper entries in the ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.ini file, but am stuck on getting one type of cloud un-purpleized…

Here is the before and after…

And this is the cloud or texture (BROKEN cloud layer I think) I’m trying to recolor…


Aha…some sleuthing and I think I found the file(s) causing that…


I think this is better. I took the 8 tiles that make up that particular cloud pattern, desaturated them, brightened them…and hopefully struck the right balance of mood…


it makes the f-111 even more pretty (if that is possible).


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@BeachAV8R, you’ve been messing around under the hood a bunch lately. It’s nice to see this technical aptitude I didn’t appreciate before.

It is purely a method to avoid doing work I should be doing. :upside_down_face:

Not only it’s possible but BOY there’s one hell of a margin for improvement… :roll_eyes:


An improved F111 in SF2…


Now play nice!


Whenever I see the F-111 it always makes me think of the TSR2 and what it could have been if politics hadn’t killed the program. It was an aircraft way ahead of it’s time.


… and budget!


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What advanced aircraft program ever sticks to the budget, especially when the design requirements keep changing?

It was a travesty that it was canceled because, despite being well over budget, the hard part was already done, and the prototype was not only flying, but meeting or exceeding expectations in all areas. What strikes me as particularly sinister was the way they destroyed all the tooling, jigs etc in what looks like a determined effort to kill the project completely with no chance of ever reviving it. There was more to this than the project being over budget.

Of course, if the TSR-2 had gone into service, there probably wouldn’t have been a Tornado, at least in the form we know it.

It must have been exciting to work on this aircraft @Sine_Nomine, which would have made it a very bitter pill to swallow when the axe fell. I’m sure there are a lot of Canadians who feel the same way about the Arrow.


Great story @Sine_Nomine, and that’s a great looking die-cast model. Limited Edition too! Have you been to Cosford by any chance? Your Dad’s TSR-2 is very impressive in person.

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Oh, people have no idea how bad that one hurts to bring up…

Our whole mliitary aerospace industry took a hit and never recovered from it.

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To answer the original question, Yes they had those bombs in the early 90’s…that is the 199p’s…they didn’t have them in the 1890’s

Re TSR2, I’ve seen a short documentary on it. YouTube maybe? I’ll look. Agree, a wonderful aircraft killed by politics.

Interesting factoid, the F-111 was also supposed to go to the Navy as the F-111B. There were problems. It was underpowered. At a Congressional inquiry on the issue,Vice Admiral Tom Connolly was asked if stronger engines-more thrust- would make the F-111 an acceptable Navy fighter. He answered, “Senator, there is not enough thrust in all of Christendom to make the F-111 a fighter.”. (or words to that effect).

The Navy F-111 program was cancelled. The F-14 was its replacement and named the “Tomcat” in the Admiral’s honor.


So they commissioned a new aircraft with poor performing engines. Go figure eh?

Whilst i agree that the f-111 may have been a square peg in a round hole solution to naval needs. Its performance as an interceptor and long medium range bomber were very good.

Politics and contract back handers have sometimes more to do to an aircrafts production than the merits of the aircraft itself.

But i am biased, or am i? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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