F-14x on FSX

What are yalls impressions on this one? Thinking about giving it ago to get ready for the DCS f-14

It is the best F-14 for FSX hands down. It’s still only an FSX F-14 though.

Model is good, front cockpit is beautiful. The RIO seat has maybe 1/5 of the switches usable. The AWG-9 simulation is alright, but is missing about 70% of actual functionality present in the real life TID, 90% for the DDD. Systems like the INS, DECM and SMS are only superficially modeled. Flight model’s decent for an FSX aircraft, it’s not as good as the VRS F/A-18E, and I’ve got serious reservations towards either end of the envelope.

All and all, if you want a tomcat and can’t wait for the DCS F-14, it’s probably worth your time, if nothing else to get familiar with the cockpit layout. For everything else, it’s better than nothing but I expect the DCS example to blow it away.


I can’t find any links in the OP so I have zero clue what the poster is talking about plus the grammar and spelling is atrocious. :grin:

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They are referring to the F-14 Extended from Aerosoft - which actually looks pretty nice

@near_blind’s pics are very good:

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Thank you sir!

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For viewing pleasure, my odyssey to Antarctica in the F-14B. I’ve got a large number of external and internal screens.


I never understood the FM of this. I would continually get a pitch nose up and could never trim it off. It’s beautiful, but odd.