F14 driver - notnnew but not expert

I fly rhe F14 but my father was an F4 WSO. Id ve open to either position especially if we could switch sometimes.
That said Id love to meet a flyinf partner. Im us east coast. Have headset track ir etc.
Anyone? [email protected]


Hey there buddy, welcome to the spike!

You are sure to find people to fly with here, sadly not me, as I myself am in Europe. Timezones make a mighty hassle out of that :wink:

You might want to turn on spell checking on your device mate :wink:

First thanks for the welcome. Where in Europe? Sorry about typos :slight_smile:


Last Easter, I gave up spell check for lint. :grin:


Lol yeah yeah gimme a break here Im usin my cellphone. Dont let the typos fool you Im competent.

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I can approve a break for that - I have a friend who only ever sends properly typed out messages from his phone when he is drunk. So when you see typos it means situation normal!


You can find some of us on Hollo Pointe, and Hollo Pointe North (DCS Servers - North has SRS), Hollo Pointe or Mudspike (Discord Servers). I am US East time wise and the other guys are to the west (2 hours behind). We’re typically around daily, a bit less since it’s summer right now.

I also take some runs on the 104th’s server too. (I mainly fly F/A-18C).

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To follow onto @Wes, you can find a link to the HP discord here: Hollo Pointe (DCS Server)

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Welcome! I’m NZ time but catch @Wes and @Franze on Hollo Pointe in their late evening times on occasion when work allows. Hope to see you there!

Hey @Sublime! Welcome to Mudspike!

Sorry for the delay on reply!
Thabks forbthe offers and Id love to take you up on them.
I also have some questions regarding MP. Me and a potential crewman have problems with MP. Im getting graphical anomalies in the rio seat some other stuff. :confused:

If you recently updated DCS, always good to purge the metashaders2 and fxo folders in:
C:\users<your account>\Saved Games\DCS
(May also be like DCS.openbeta etc.)

This usually resolves most graphical issues anomalies. Many times you can get away without purging, but it’s good practice to just clean it each time to be safe (which I recently learned, having had no issues for over a year until a while go).

A future DCS update may make the cleanup automatic.

Update your graphics drivers too, incase they are out of date. Some of the older Nvidia drivers have caused issues for some people.

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