Hollo Pointe (DCS Server)

A HolloPointe Intro

@Kinger :wink:

Originally a single server started by @WreckingCrew, now split in two with HolloPointe: Caucasus and HolloPointe: Persian Gulf (And Nevada) with the addition of my HolloPointe: North (which was originally just a backup server to “HP”).

Almost all of the missions are designed by @WreckingCrew and are typically beginner friendly. Some have well-defined objectives, others are more free-form. The by far most popular mission is Erl Sis on the Caucasus, which was an open A2G environment for A-10’s that now features carriers, AWACS and refueling - you can do a bit of everything there.
HolloPointe: North (“HPN”) typically features @Franze’s Offensive Posture (“Off.Pos”) that started as a mini-sim of Operation Allied Force, but has grown and is now a multiple role air superiority mission with CAS, CAP & SEAD all needing to work their magic to succeed. I also keep a full copy of WreckingCrew’s missions on hand.

Just drop in! We’re publicly listed on the DCS server list - no passwords. If you are on Discord, the invite to our server is in the MudSpike server’s general chat (we have our own so we don’t flood everyone with our design notes etc.). HPN now has an SRS server, which we are starting to use more - the IP address (which may change infrequently from time to time) is in our Discord, and the DCS server will prompt you to auto-connect if you open SRS before hopping in.

EDIT: Discord direct open invite here:

Mission Flow:
We more or less figure it out as we go, depending on how many people are there and what aircraft people have chosen. No rigid system in place.

When to Fly:
Myself and Franze are there almost daily. 7-12PM EST is sort of the rough time you’ll see us on, peak is 9-11ish. It can run a bit later too, as more of the guys are CST or MT.

I’m sure there’s more to say, but that’s all I got for now!


Thanks Wes! I’m an EST guy myself so 7 to say 10 is in my sweet spot. I’m a horrible pilot, but enjoy flying/learning with others and can offer great SAM and A2A bait for others more capable :slight_smile:

Hi @Kinger! Welcome aboard. Everybody is welcome on the HP servers. I tend to fly the A-10C and stumble about in Combined Arms, and get along ok in the F/A-18 as long as it’s daylight. What do you fly?

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I have the Hog, Huey, P-51, Tomcat and the Bug. 99% of my time is in the Bug though.

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Hi team! Just wondering - it looks like the server settings are currently preventing Tacview from picking up other objects.

That’s fair enough if you do lots of competitive MP but so far I’ve mostly seen co-op.

I wondered if having the tacview data available would be quite fun for post flight analysis and not a big risk for abuse given the co-op / friendly nature?

Please don’t take this as criticism - the server is awesome and if you rather play it safe that’s perfectly understandable - just a thought :blush: Thank you for hosting!

I think the allow sensor and object data export options are OFF by default. For HolloPointe North, I turned them ON. Give that a try and let me know if it works.

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Sweet - thanks man, I will!


Works now!