Facebook Total Outage (Insta/WhatsApp/Oculus)

Well for any Facebook/Instgram/WhatsApp/Oculus users - here is some info on the current outage:

I’m keeping my parents, aunts, and uncles in my thoughts and prayers right now- I’m sure they’re having a rough time.

Did anybody else watch the 60 Minutes piece last night?


On the risk of being too political, but F yeah! Let it burn!


Same here! I just fired up X-Plane to try out the new Kiowa that I downloaded but haven’t used yet. I’ve been looking forward to it all weekend. It has been a particularly stressful four days and still all of today has been spent doing email and spreadsheet cleanup. You all know the feeling I felt moments ago when I took a seat anxious to finally have some time to detox with my favorite sim. I was aware of the FaceBook/Insta-whatever hit but I forgot the association between Oculus and Facebook. This is all to say that I have some vested interest in seeing this situation resolved so I can go play. But watching them suffer has me awash in such schadenfreude that I think I am enjoying the experience more than I would siming anyway.


Well, I have mutual funds that have holdings in Facebook, so I’m hoping it doesn’t burn too much.

I’m feeling the loss of WhatsApp. The rest I don’t need. I am still work and hadn’t considered Oculus as probably being down as well. Another nail in the coffin

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Glad I got my G2 and am no longer hostage to Facebook


Not yet but will do so this week yet. Also, was wondering whether you ever watched the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma?”

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Yeah, that’s our usual “Millennial griping about work stuff” platform, so we were forced to shift to the backup Slack.


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Once again, completely out of the loop. I was out and about all afternoon paying bills, the old fashioned way in person, and doing grocery shopping while all this went down.

The other time which was much more dramatic was in 1990 while vacationing with friends for 3 weeks, no phones, no radios, etc., in the Grand Canyon and Zion. Saddam Hussein chose that time frame to invade Kuwait. Had no clue anything was happening until we came out of our self imposed exile and went to buy gas. IIRC it has almost doubled so we knew something drastic had happened but it still took several hours to get up to speed.




My career is in technology, my job primarily revolves around making sure such systems are up and running. Sorry if sidetrack in a moment,

Technology can be used as a powerful tool to aide us in our day-to-day lives and at work. The problem is, we have been trading our securities for conveniences; then training ourselves to be accustomed to such conveniences offered to us by technology.

I will leave everyone off with this, don’t dump your eggs into one basket - especially a digital one.
For example, I would advise against a digital lock for homes. If you are using a garage door opener; I encourage you to try to hack it yourself and see how long it took you with some simple Googling.

Regardless, stay happy and healthy everyone!


I have three phones and it is becoming a hobby of mine to shut all of them down when I get home to play (or study) DCS. When I leave off into the woods (I try to as often as I can, because I can’t lose sight on what really matters), it is always depressing coming back to the city. I can’t stand in line at the grocery store without the appearance of everyone having a defective neck, always looking down on their phone. God… LOL

Soon, we will reminisce of the days, “Remember when people used to look you in the eyes when we had conversations?” Regardless I enjoy the irony that this conversation is taking place in an online forum. :smiley:


As a comp sci friend of mine jokes, the only thing he has at home is an old inkjet printer, and he keeps a pistol close to it in case it starts making noises it shouldn’t.


LOL!! :laughing:

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Check out LockPickingLawyer on youtube, many of those electronic locks can be bypassed with a magnet - zero effort required.


My (soon to be ex) company strictly refuses to pay for on-call duty for monitoring our Kubernetes/Kafka infrastructure (outside of regular working hours). At some point I simply unsubscribed from the slack channel where our GCP alerts hit. My boss doesn’t have the balls to stand up to management so he and another colleague are basically the only ones left covering nights and weekends. Sucks for them but I’m done working for free out of pity.


me too, I am trying to create some image of what happened just from the posts in this thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

btw Nelson didnt help, but got that reference :laughing:

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