Falcon BMS 4.33 Screens

Given the new release today I thought I’d share some screens as I try to remember how to set-up my bindings again :smile:

Flyable AV8B II+

Flyable Tornado GR4

Dirty Tail

CF-18 pit

Tornado Pit

Pretty good ground textures

CF-18 over Korea

Not really configured anything as yet, so anyone got some nicer ones to share?


Nice! Frog, are you using a TM Warthog?

No, the main stick broke (or rather a couple switches). I’ve been slumming it with an X-55 for a while now :wink:

EDIT: I’m setting up like this:

…but with the caveat that I need to move the CMS onto the throttle, as on the stick they replaced the hat with a dumb gray button.

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@near_blind set up a server earlier this evening and Vampr, @Tankerwade, @DeadMeat and I spent some quality time working (and swearing) at the Falcon 4 setup screens before jumping on. @EinsteinEP joined us about half way through (before I had to leave for the evening) and I recorded this quick, unedited video of Near_Blind, me and Dead Meat (execution order, not in grammatical order) landing on the carrier.

I don’t really recommend watching it. :smile:


Little Falcon 4 BMS 4.33 action tonight.

Dropping JDAM and LGB work! To which @near_blind responded: “Someone just blew up my frikin’ target!”

@near_blind Showing tanking skills in multiple sims.

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also I bombed a bunch of stuff, but no one wants to see boring stuff like that :wink:

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The Flacon necromancer


Just wait it lands on DCS…

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/ Chokes up from nostalgia.

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and no screen of an f111……

its amazing where this has come from and gone too

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