BMS 4.33 teaser video (it's released!)


“3 to 4 weeks” is the new “2 weeks”? :wink:

Was that a pilot head nod at 1:45?

So excited for this! Well done, BMS!

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I wish they’d done a better editing. It was so chaotic and all over the place. When doing this kind of fast paced editing; proper use of composition, eye guidance and leading lines is key. Next time, please have that in.

I thought BMS was done after 4.32? Any change log available?

And a reminder that GoG has the Falcon 4 family (minus Allied Flight) available for purchase:

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I didn’t find an official changelog, but there’s a lengthy discussion over at the BMS forums (registration and log-in required):

This is the general reaction (quoted without permission):


This looks good. I have to admit I’m getting spoiled for the dynamic feel of the DCS type flight models though - that feeling of plowing through air and the complex interaction between ground and flight handling. The cat launch in the BMS trailer looks a bit sterile as far as that is concerned. Same with the course corrections of the Harpoon (and the missile launches). The clouds and lighting look great though… To be completely honest, I’d have a hard time committing to another sim at this point between DCS, X-Plane, and FSX. Learning Falcon requires a commitment of time - which is what is so great about it. Glad to see there are still enthusiasts pushing it forward…


The BMS YouTube channel has some teaser vids on some of the new features in 4.33.


Honestly the only reason I am intrested in it, is because every once and a while the urge to fly a F-16 comes along. If somebody made a DCS F-16 I would love it.

Yeah - I’d like to see a cold start video of the BMS F-16 to check out the fidelity of the systems modeling. And with the dynamic campaign - the replayability is limitless.

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This is the longer version of the preview video I think…

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Amazing stuff, really! I just want to know if BMS 4.33 is going to include the switch that lets players stop their positiion lights from flashing or even gasp turn them off. :wink: EVERY BMS video I watch has the position lights on flash, even in combat.

Looking forward to checking out the fidelity of the Harrier too… That got my attention…

Alright. The long video has me more excited with the improvements. :smile:

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Yep - going to try this out. Looks like Benchmark has been busy…

Used the torrent file here (very well seeded, so 1.25GB came down quickly):

Falcon_BMS_4.33_Setup.torrent (13.2 KB)

That was much better :relaxed:

That trailer is awesome! So many changes! This must have taken a ton of work!

Downloading now :slight_smile:

EDIT: Torrent was fast! 5m 53s

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So 4.33 is out? Hmmm could be a fun Saturday.

It’s about on par with DCS, give or take.

Last time i tried it, the pit was lower poly than what you find in DCS and some of the animations seem less appealing, but then that is only graphics.

There are some things DCS does better, AGM guided missile flight models not being one of them (Mavericks fly in a perfectly straight line after their initial climb).