Favorite VR Games?

Just picked up a Rift mainly for trying with flight and race sims but would love to hear some recommendations.

Have Payday2 so re-downloading that since I noticed they added VR.

Payday2 has VR? Whaaaa?

My favs …

Project Cars 2
DiRT Rally
The Golf Club VR
Google Earth VR (free)
I hear Elite Dangerous is EPIC with VR … I still have to try
I’m very detail/multiple display/controller oriented with my flight sims so I don’t really use VR with them.


Lone Echo, assuming you have the Touch Controllers. Welcome to VR!


I got a $20 credit from Oculus some time ago and I think I"m going to drop it on Lone Echo.

It’s a great experience… I highly recommend it.

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That does look good.

I do have the controllers and have to say they are very nice.

I can confirm- absolutely breathtaking. I was especially awestruck as my home cockpit have me in the same perfect posture of the Pilot in the ship.

BEWARE, though- while flying the spaceship is absolutely perfect, when it comes to drive the SRV it quickly gave me nausea.
The visuals are so powerful that no having a physical reaction throws off the inner ear and it gives me the *SPLURGE *.:face_vomiting:

It might be something that’s more personal than anything. Tank battles in War Thunder had the same effect. And so did Assetto Corsa- Flying in DCS gave me no issue, not even Helos.

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I tried one earlier with a future flying car that made me dizzy like crazy as well as my daughter.

I fired up BoS since I figured that would be easy enough to fly with my gaming flight stick (since I currently have it setup in the den for family to try) and sat and marveled at the 109f cockpit. Flying and target leading was a treat but I’ll need to play with the settings to see if I can get target acquisition better as that may be a problem for me.

I have the base Elite so will give that a go too.

Haven’t had a chance to tray a racing sim yet.


Some people (my wife for example) get nausea playing FPS on a plain old computer screen. Likewise, you were not supposed to drive a car right after using the F-14 AE6 simulator - a real F-14 cockpit sticking out from the middle of a sphere with 3D computer graphics, all around…we never paid attention to that.

Wonder if dramamine wold help.

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Me too - there is an option to fix the horizon that I think helps. Not sure of the exact option name, but I think it is to make the VR SRV more comfortable.

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Late to the game, sorry was on vacation :smiley:
favorites in alphabetical order (cause steam lists them that way, not because i have ocd)

Audioshield, The Golf Club VR, Gorn, Gunheart, Ironwolf VR, The Mage’s Tale, pCars 2, Sprint Vector.

Things I like but aren’t all that great: DreamWorks Volutron VR Chronicles, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

I think cartoon stuff looks extra cool in VR for whatever reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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My favourite VR games are in no particular order:

  • DCS World
  • Il-2 Battle of Something / Flying Circus
  • Elite : Dangerous
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Random order:

  • Robo Recall
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Keep Talking an Nobody explodes
  • DCS
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Raceroom Racing Experience
  • Project CARS 2
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I have only tried a few, but these are my impressions so far:

  1. Elite: Dangerous
    Smoothest experience, no nausea, stunning graphics at great framerate, good sense of presence… awesome
  2. DCS & X-Plane
    It is as if you have the most accurate and awesome home-built cockpit like those guys you see on the internet, (and as if you have the GPU you had 5 years ago… bad performance)
    Still, it is awesome, especially for helicopters (I don’t fly much else anymore). I fly better now: hovering and landing the BF.109 on grass is now much easier and more realistic due to the sense of distance/velocity/space that comes with VR. Also, air to air refueling is apparently much easier, I still have to try that.
    One more thing: instruments are very readable on the Samsung Odyssey.
  3. Dirt: Rally
    More like Purge: Barfy… terrible nausea due to the nature of race car suspension and gravel roads with ditches, even at a solid 90fps. Although the graphics engine is good, because 90fps is very doable, even with my non-OC 4 years old CPU and with almost twice as many pixels as the Rift and Vive.

A few that I’ve not seen mentioned that might be worth a look if you are thinking of extending your VR collection:

  • Star Trek Bridge Crew. Good fun in VR, although pretty much a multiplayer game at heart.

  • Skyrim VR. Works very well, although as I had played it to death in 2D it sort of lost its legs a bit. If you haven’t played Skyrim before then it’s a huge experience to have in VR.

  • Fallout 4 VR. More or less the same advice from Skyrim. The performance isn’t as good as Skyrim’s, but the sheer size of the game is worth a look if you’ve not played before. I would have loved it if they ever remade Fallout New Vegas instead, but this is still a huge VR release.

  • SuperHot VR. Probably the best ‘I’m in the Matrix’ shooters. You need to stand up, so a warning for any weebles.

  • Eleven Table Tennis. Probably the best sports game on VR, although not if you absolute hate any form of table tennis. You can tell it’s pretty convincing in that if you get better in the game then you get better in real life.


I’ve tried Windows Solataire and Minehunter in VR… the experience is indescribable. :wink:

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Titanic VR. Just exploring the wreck in sandbox mode is very erie. It put chills down my spine the first time the bow came out of the darkness and towered above me. It captures that feeling that you are intruding on a place that should be left undisturbed. The graphics are pretty good too.

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… but… you just described it. As indescribable… my… head…HURTS!

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In my current order:

IronWolf VR. I went crazy over that one for about two days. Now I shudder at the thought of doing any welding.
Elite. Beautiful. But the grind.

I have noticed that as I get older, I get less satisfaction from watching things blow up.


Could you elaborate on Ironwolf VR?
I did not get it (yet) in the current Humble VR sale, but it is at the top of my wishlist for my birthday this Fall.