First All-Electric Commercial Flight

Not sure about the headline but whatever. It is a pretty cool aircraft :slight_smile:


“Sparky” flies!

Aww man, I would LOVE to get a look at the rest of the technical specs for this plane - and a more detailed look at the motor, for that matter- 750 SHP from a 300 lb package.


I had an electric plane - free flight - when I was a kid. Can’t remember the name. Back in the 1970s. It had some type of gadget that would make it do a specific pattern like a figure 8.

I’ve used Harbour Air quite a few times, they are one of the local pond skippers, and super handy for getting between downtown Vancouver and Victoria harbours. Victoria is the BC’s capital and seat of local government, so people on expenses tend to use them a lot rather than slum with the common man on the car ferry. :wink:

They’ve committed to an all electric fleet, and given the longest flight is about 45 mins between chargers seems like a good idea. The maintenance of removing that gas engine must save a ton of hours.


Bet charge times are a pain. Takes me about 6-8 hours for a 6 cell LiPo.

Fast charging technology for vehicle-size applications has been exploding in recent years, and will continue to do so. Probably won’t be nearly as bad as you’re thinking, as current work is geared towards large vehicle fleets anyway.

Would be nice if some of that would trickle down to med tech. I’m still using great-grandpa’s zinc air cells to power all my stuff.

Typically water and electricity don’t mix, so let’s make our first electric plane a floatplane! Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Engineers are masochistic by nature. Solve the hardest / most complicated problem possible first, the rest will seem much easier by comparison. Also is a good lesson in managing customer expectations. :wink:


Submarine’s do ok though and they’ve been doing this for 60 years :slight_smile:


Almost double that, actually.

USS Holland was first commissioned into service in 1900 (and there were earlier experimental electric designs at least a decade before that).


Yeah but there’s more planes in the water than submarines in the sky.


Visions of U-boat crews choking on chlorine gas…


Provided the hydrogen explosion/ fire doesn’t kill you first.


I almost always charge my car at home over night, but I hit a Super Charger last week while on a road trip. I was able to charge from about 20% up to 90% in less than 30 minutes. I have a 75KWH battery. It will be interesting to see how the charging technology improves over the coming years, but it is only going to get faster.

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Time to upgrade your charger! Need something that can handle 1C for 6S.

Both of my chargers are capable of that, but it still takes a while at 1C to charge up a 3300-5000mAh battery.

If charged at 1C, it shouldn’t take much more than one hour…? Slightly more, because of balancing the cells, but not much.

Wow. What are you flying @Franze?