Flight Sim Slump, Project Cars on PS4

Hey guys,
Thought I would drop in today and catch up with you all. After I saw komomiute’s post about the Razbam 105 it ignited the flame that went out about 2 months ago. I am in a flight sim slump. The reason for this is a new girlfriend and limited time. On a typical day I get a couple of hours to myself before bedtime. I used to spend them “working” on my settings or on my pc. This left me with little time to enjoy the actual flying. Then came VR and while I enjoy the immersion, the resolution leave a lot to be desired. Now I know I will NEVER give up PC gaming, or DCS. IL2 Sturmovik will never leave my hard drive and my flight sim hardware is not for sale. But I needed a break.
Project Cars had sat in my closet for over a year still in the plastic along with my PS4 (yes, I sold my soul to a console). About two months ago, I decided to give it a go. Out came the G27 steering wheel on a “Wheel stand Pro” and I slowly began the steep learning curve of a real “Driving Simulation”. I then bought the G29 wheel. Prior to this, I dabbled in PS3 Formula1 2010, 2012 and PS4 2016. A few years ago I had a go at “GT Legends” on PC and really enjoyed it. “GTR” was another PC title I enjoyed. But my, oh my, things have changed in ten years…
Project Cars is a simulation. This is not a game. Its hard. There are a ton of settings for the cars and if you want to drive some monsters, you need to get your head in the game. I have become a Lotus open wheel fan. I’m driving the old classics. They are proving to be VERY entertaining. From the 200 hp Lotus 25 to the Evil Dealer of Death Lotus 98T with 900 to 1200 hp I am lapping up every drop. Just to satisfy curiosity, I bought Assetto Corsa. While this is another nice “Sim”, it more sim lite and does not look as nice as pCars does. It gets no attention from me…
So there is my current state of gaming. Anyone else here a motor head? I know you are out there…

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I have a history of being somewhat of a racing gamer… Today my focus is on flightsims, but after I got into VR I’ve been wanting to try racing again. Especially since I hear PCars is really nice in VR. I just need to make a wheelstand for my simbox…

I always wanted to be a good race driver. Since the times of Indianapolis 500 on my old PC XT - 286.
Sadly despite buying a great steering wheel with pedals and giving my best shot… I simply realise I’m not a good driver.

Good enough to enjoy driving in games like Mafia I & II, or Mad Max. I truly enjoyed the first Gran Turismo on PS One. But that’s as deep in driving games I can go.
That said I always have Grand Prix Legends installed: the sound of those engines is something else.

I had Indy500 on the Amiga! That was my first racing game that accepted proportional steering input, by mouse! Still, it was such an improvement over earlier racing games!
GPL was truly awe inspiring! Really felt like you were driving. And yes…that SOUND! You could swear there was a V12 right behind you.
Not surprisingly, they came from the same developer, Papyrus Design Group.


I have Pcars on PC and use it with the rift. Awesome :smile: I would love to have a session with you guys. Just for fun though I really don’t want to get into it so much I start diverting flight sim funds to motor racing hardware

While i dont have pcars, i do bomb around in assetto corsa. I think there may be others as well who assetto

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So I was right, a lot of the guys who fly are also interested in fast cars. Good for you guys to come out. While I am deep in pCars now, I admire other racing sims as well. I have some interesting mods for my G29 on the way and will share these here.

This site has some shifter mods and pedal mods I bought. They should arrive any day…

I believe that on PC, that AC is thought to have a slightly better physics model, while pCars looks better out of the box. I tend to agree, although I enjoy driving both. Also, there is a large number of community mods for AC. No idea if this translates to the PS4.

Personally, I went bonkers on racing sims after burning out by 10 years of flying in squads. Now back to flight sims. Toward the end of my time racing, I discovered Richard Burns Rally, and learned that there is a whole other art to driving fast that you don’t really pickup racing on asphalt. Thankfully, Dirt Rally brings some of that, plus Rally Cross, which is huge fun because it combines asphalt and dirt on a closed course.

I’ve tried to do both, but I also like playing guitar, play in a lacrosse league, assistant youth lacrosse coach, fly drones, rent a Cessna once in a while, and involved in two businesses.

Then there are the kids (3 x girls), which we put off until the last possible moment. Claudia says plan on working until I’m 70. So with only 24 hours in a day, as much as I really love driving a race car, my simming time has to be somewhat focused.

More or less it’s been DCS, IL2 BOS, and carrier ops in P3D lately. Although, that Les Paul hanging on the wall has been giving me huge gilt trips lately :neutral_face:

And I spend too much on this site! MUDSPIKE = sim crack.


Been known to dabble in sim racing. :slight_smile:

IMO there are actually too many racing sims right now. And almost every one of them has a couple (or three) significant weaknesses which limits a title from breaking loose as a standout. The best titles for single player are not the best titles for multiplayer. Quite a bizarre time and not dissimilar to the WWII glut of flight sims released in the 1990s.


I used to race in a couple Rfactor leagues. It was awesome, but I don’t have the time anymore to put in the hours of practice, etc.

I’ve got Pcars and Assetto as well, I’m planning on getting into Pcars a little more as my understanding is that it’s a bit friendlier to controllers and I can put in on the laptop for when I travel. Unfortunately my wheel has sat in a box in the garage for probably a year and a half.

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I love racing, but in small doses.
I have (installed) Dirt Rally, F1 2016, Assetto Corsa, and pCars. I will likely get pcars 2, F1 2017, and Dirt 4. I played a lot of Race07 w/expansions, Dirt 2 and 3, rfactor, and I’ve played every F1 title released except 2015 (because of its cut features).
I think rfactor 2 is the only major release I’ve skipped.

That said, I’ve probably logged more hours racing than flying in the last couple of years due to waiting on DCS modules/patches and Il-2 updates. Still do some ROF from time to time.

For both racing and flying, though, my favorite mode is coop. Flying or driving with a wingman/teammate against AI. Sims that don’t have this feature (AC, Il-2 BoX, I’m looking at you!) get significantly less attention from me as SP is less interesting and MP with only humans requires too much scheduling work.

Just going to leave this here…

Also known to dabble in Dirt Rally and PCars.


I love Assetto. Especially online in a small group with people on comms. I also like Dirt Rally.

Haven’t tried pCars yet.

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My bad luck worked out this time. I took my wheel apart to put in the new paddles. The damn thing would not get recognized by the PS4. I had such a black could over my head… I downloaded pCars on PC… OMG!!! Playing this in VR is out of this world. Forget everything you hear about resolution and drivability. In VR you have 100 times the situational awareness. I spent time just doing doughnuts!!! Like a teenage idiot!!! I am lost forever to this.



My favorite is Donnington in pCars VR. Hot lapping in the RSR or Z4 is just fantastic, as is racing. I feel more connected and faster in VR for sure.

I use the Caterhams I think they are called, with no roof, driving takes on a whole different feel :slight_smile:

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Downloaded Assetto Corsa on PC last night. AMAZING! I thought it was not as good as pCars. It may not be as detailed in the car setup department but it was just as beautiful. Lotus 49 is a blast. I want to build one!


IMO, the physics model is a wee bit better on the edge of grip in AC.

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The Lotus 49 is my favourite car sound in AC :slight_smile:

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Just had a night of Lotus 49 in AC. This must be experienced. In VR this is so good. The 49 is a unruly crazy beast. The 49C with its wings is a lot of fun in pCars. It will put you on pole…

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