Flightsim Community Survey 2019

Please participate if you have some 5 mins free

I am very curious about the results!



Done! Glad to help…

I participated, but the survey is biased towards civilian flightsims and doesn’t feel as relevant for those who fly mostly combat sims.


I learned a lot from this survey :smile: So many sims, sim related media, products etc out there.

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Me too! It’s not going to turn me into a civilian sim-pilot, but it’s cool. Especially the part about maps and flight publications.


Done here as well. Learned a lot of other sources I hadn’t heard of!! Some of the shops look very interesting

For those that haven’t taken it yet, there is a question about flight sim online sites with an “Other” fill in the blank selection. I used it to highlight Mudspike.

Yes it is but considering the survey’s sponsors, civ flight sims are more their bailiwick.

That said, it was developed using survey monkey which is a free survey engine. Mudspike could make up their own, combat-flight sim oriented survey.

(You know, questions like “Are you capable of landing a Viggen without crashing?”)


I would add also a question like

What’s the best, betterest, most awaited by everyone DCS Module?
Answers are

  1. A-6
  2. Intruder
  3. :a6:
  4. All of the above.

Sure. But when they focus the survey on civilian sims, it will only serve to enforce any notions that there’s no market in combat sims, while several of these add-on companies could start making DCS modules, for instance…

Silly question! Any and everybody can land a Viggen.
Well, almost anybody…


hold my beer…


I selected DCS few times as answer so they are not completely ignoring combat sims just not focusing that way.


Me too! :slight_smile:

Definitely not Combat sim related and since I don’t fly any civil products my answers won’t be relevant to them.


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Maybe… And maybe your answers will indicate that there are many combat sim only enthusiasts and they will do something about it next year.

After all, at the end of the survey, they are asking for your feedback and if they didn’t miss something so they can add next year.


What would you rate as more important:

A) radar assisted gunnery
B) track while scan
C) blinky lights


Track while scan but Blinky lights are always an imperative! I need more blink!

Obviously A. C comes with A to indicated it’s time to pull the trigger (or that you’re about to fly into the target). B is only for those who insist on using missiles, which is the most unfighter-piloty thing I can think of, besides flying an attack jet of course.

Lol, I put in game communication, as opposed to Discord or Teamspeak, as something no one has implemented effectively.