Flyable C130 for DCS World! With 3D clickable cockpit and more!

I’ve been wanting to share this with you since yesterday but I was celebrating Micronesia ID.

Anubis’ Super Hercules

3D clickable cockpit, custom flight model, custom HUD, 4 manned station, auto-pilot, semi-working MFCDs, etc
This one is really worth trying, don’t let the exterior model fool you, it’s really impressive!

DOWNLOAD latest version
Reshade is known to cause FPS issues with the mod
The NS430 module (GPS) is causing CTDs, best to deactivate it when using the C130.

the office:

A spacious cargo bay where you can load your entire collection of PC Pilot or Humvees, LAVs, containers and cargo pallets

There’s even a clickable panel to operate the ramp

Fly little humvee! You’re free now!

You too cargo pallet! Fly!

Fly! Come on


Ok…maybe I should figure out the paradrop feature
Wasting tax payer money is a lot of fun tho

And…she’s got guns :sunglasses:


Sorry about the temporary image upload restrictions @EightBall and nice use of the imgur image embeds - I had a quick panic that I had missed something about uploading being off :slight_smile:


I was just reading your posts in the maintenance thread. Gee, impressive numbers!
To me Mudspike always felt like this small bar down the street with such a great ambiance and filled with familiar faces, never thought the site was getting so much traffic…and so many images upload :smiley:

I genuinely want to thank you and our great venerable admirable leader Chris aswell as anyone involved behind the curtain to make this work. Thanks to its community too, how many times have I been in awe reading the broad knowledge and experiences of fellow members through "accidental’ thread derailment. And how many times have I been in tears, laughing, at the jokes at the jab members would take on one another. Mudspike really is a unique place.

And look at this, 3 posts in this thread and only one on topic…the OP. That’s the Mudspike spirit :smile:


“This is the way…”



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Herky bird! Whooo!

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Its home. I spend a horrific amount of time here. I literally cringe when I think about the amount of times a day I check the site and spend reading. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I properly love it here.
Now. I refuse to derail anything today. I’m going to be good. I’m going to think about what I’m writing and concentrate on not letting my mind wander…

Hercules. Is this going to be the module I die in? Is this the START of the multi engine heavies I’ve been begging for? Is this the moment? God i hope so. Im so looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Will anyone think less of me if I practise running racetrack orbits with an imaginary pipe and basket hanging out the wing? This is brilliant


Can we perform refueling of other players with this?


I’m trying not to think about it


So apparently they’re having issues with Dropbox which is why the link is down. Since it’s purely a technical problem I’ve uploaded it to my Google drive, if you can’t wait for the official link to be up again just send me a PM :slight_smile:

Nah, unfortunately it suffers from the same limitations as the A-4E: no radios, so no AAR capabilities


Cool, there’s enough content anyways! :smiley:

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Anubis has put up a new download link!

Hercules v5.0

Apparently the mod doesn’t work well with Reshade (FPS issues) and the NS430 module needs to be deactivated (or else you get constant CTDs)

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Sorry for being a constant pain, but how’s the flight model?
I really really hope to be realistic!
Should be easier than a fighter plane as the flight envelope is much simpler…
Or am I wrong?

I think slipstream from the props would be required to correctly model rudder and elevator response at different speeds and alpha/beta, so, i have my doubts.

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I’ve never flown a real aircraft, much less a C130 so I’d be hard pressed to judge how realistic the flight model really is. It feels very different than anything else in DCS World, that’s for sure.

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I stand corrected then! :slight_smile:

Many thanks anyways, this is something unexpected and really nice!

And what about turboprop modelling…? Is that a thing in DCS yet?
Anyway, as a user mod it’s quite cool! I would love to do tactical drops and dirt strip ops with a Herc! Would prefer an older model though. The new extended versions don’t do it for me… :wink:

Let’s hope this mod stands as a proof of concept and that there will be a full fidelity version in the near future.

It’d be cool for this to be integrated in MP missions along Hueys and Hips…

I’d be up for flying this. Even just the cargo version, no guns.

Nothing “is a thing” in DCS FMs. It is what you build into it. EDs props have some kind of slipstream modelled, but that doesn’t mean that any prop in DCS will have it. It’s probably not publicly available via the API on one part, but even if it were, that model probably has lots of parameters that need to be carefully tuned.

Just look at Heatblur. The reason the A Tomcat came later was because of the intricacies of them having to build a model that simulates compressor stalls into their engine model.

There is no reason somebody shouldn’t be able to model a turboprop, besides having to do the work that goes into it.

Really cool mod you have showcased there @EightBall - man, that reminds me of that Jane’s F-15 mission where you escort the C-130 into Iran. That would be fun having some buddies up high watching over you in multiplayer…

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