FlyingIron Simulations: A-7E to DCS

By your webpage, has a new official 3rd party, and coming from X-Plane.


Didn’t see that coming…

Oooh nice, we can carry a lot of bombs with that :wink:

Wasn’t Razbam making that?
Still… Extremely cool!

I have SpitIX for XP from them and it’s great module.

I wish them success with DCS.

RAZBAM has some work but actualy has on other projects. By now FlyingIron only has show a non textured 3D model, need learn a new simulator, module building, cockpit interaction, building systems and weapons integration. RAZBAM has that learned with the M2000 and AV-8B


Very true.
We will see what happens! :smiley:

HOORAY :smiley: Another of one of my favourite aircraft and top-wanted modules is coming to DCS :slight_smile:

I have never heard of FlyingIron but hope that they are capable of developing for DCS and wish them all the best. Frankly I am a little relieved that the SLUF won’t be in RAZBAM’s hangar. They do fun modules, but I’d rather not have have my favourites with them (Heatblur would have been my first choice, but the Intruder fits their capabilities better than the Corsair). Fingers crossed for FlyingIron.

One step closer to F-14A, A-6E and A-7E carrier air wing nirvana.


That is indeed good news. We should have a new generation of VR headsets by the time it hits the store.

Razbam cant get off the Harrier and Mirage, to do any work elsewhere. Aside from trolling us with the OV-10.

Not an F-111,… excitement level still high though.


Anybody flown their stuff in XPlane? I’m curious how their planes are.

The 3d and textures look great from what I saw, cant speak for coding but if they didnt show they are capable an agreement wouldnt have been tendered.


The RAZBAM comments above are interesting. As many are aware, for FSX, RAZBAM made a three-package set that covered most A-7 versions to include the 2-seater TA-7. These packages came with usable ordnance - bombs, gun and sidewinders. They also did a Beta version that worked with TACPACK and could shoot HARM at TACPACK SAM radars. Aside from having to do Crtl-E to start the engines, the non-Beta versions were excellent, featuring ordnance weight considerations and engine management.

Then they went to DCS…stopped supporting their FSX line and never finished the TACPACK Beta. I was a bit perturbed at it all and swore off everything RAZBAM…until the MiG-19 came out…and now I have the Mirage 2000 and AV-8B…go figure.

Regardless, I am curious how much of the A-7 work is already done for RAZBAM. One would hope that a good part of the 3D model could be utilized…


I have their Spitfire, P47 and Grob 109b. All of them are quality work.

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Alot of developers bailed on FSX once it was announced as Deadcode by Dovetail Games.

they either went to P3D, XPlane or DCS.

P3D like Xplane is still geared towards civil simulation.

So if a developer wants to see their aircraft in a Military suited environment DCS is really their only option.


Throwing some love out for the “Thud”. Just need some imagination here. Hmmm, a thought: get ED to let us edit the place names of a map. “Novorossiysk” == “Phuc Yen”. Oh, then mirror the transformations such that the water is on the correct side…okay, maybe the latter is too much.


Hubba hubba!

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If only it was an A-7-1…or would that be -7+1…? :thinking: