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We take a quick look at an exciting development in the Virtual Reality arena – FlyInside has brought their popular VR software to X-Plane and the results so far are extraordinary… Note – Once again, I’d like to emphasize that I’m not a hardware guy. I just give impressions and shoot from the hip –…


Interesting read, although I’ve come to the conclusion that I will refuse to try VR until I can afford a new machine and a second gen VR device :wink:

On another note, I was curious on how the X-15 functioned. This page gives a nice quick overview of the cockpit and is a nice addendum to @BeachAV8R’s experience!

My one regret is that I have no children to sell.

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How about a kidney?

Sounds fair to me. @near_blind might give up two for the Tomcat…

I never said they’d be mine.


This FlyInside is pretty amazing stuff!
I mean, XP is OpenGL! FSX is DX9. It shouldn’t be possible!
Maybe we could get them to have a look at RoF…? :wink:

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…and Strike Fighters…
…and EECH…


Beach, of all the stuff written about VR, your article is the first to (almost) convince me that it is worth the $2000 investment. I’m not there yet. My 5yo iMac is just too elegant to give up and two computers parked next to each other would make me feel as if I was working at Merril Lynch. So for now the Xbox must continue to scratch that gaming itch.

Anyway, if it’s as good as you say, your kids will probably understand.

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I don’t think you would be disappointed in waiting until the next version of VR hardware to come out…while simultaneously watching 1070 and 1080 prices fall. I think VR is super fantastic…but we’ll be looking back on the resolutions we have now in a year or so and probably be shaking our heads that we thought this was the greatest thing on the planet. At this point, it really is all about the resolution.


I agree! The VR wave is turning into quite the tsunami I was hoping for! I too believe that we will be laughing at the Rift and the Vive in just s few years.
But at least we can say we were there, at the start of it all… :wink:

Yeah I think we simmers see it as the greatest thing ever, but I think it’s still lacking the killer app for non-simmers so far, which is why we sometimes see those “VR is Dead” clickbait articles or youtube videos.

That’s one reason I’m glad Sony came out with their PSVR because with a user base of 40M PS4 owners, that’s a lot of potential sales of VR to non-simmers that will hopefully keep the industry momentum up.

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FlyInside for XP11 is coming along nicely!

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I will have to get it. Unfortunately I previously purchased the FSX version, which I really haven’t used much. I think XP11 is going to be my GoTo civilian sim from this point on.

So, is this just v1.7 or is there a beta you can download?

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I bought the P3D version. And I just bought the X-Plane version. Oddly enough, a few months ago I couldn’t get the FSX version to launch…but I just tried the most recent version and it did. I’m gonna run the demo for a few periods and see if I want to shell out for the FSX version. Three versions would make me a fan-boi I suppose.

Did they update it, as I thought it didn’t work on XP11 yet?

I saw on their forum that they don’t plan to offer a discount for existing users, which is a shame. Buying essentially the same thing three times for three platforms feels kinda wrong.

I don’t know if they publicly updated FlyInside for X-Plane. I was granted beta access for the X-Plane 10 version (which I did not get free after it left beta) and just saw the XP11 version come across the beta forum (again, just the demo version, not the pay version) - so I went ahead and bought it. I certainly hope I bought the XP11 version and not the XP10. Hmm…

The X-Plane 11 beta support is out for FlyInside XP beta now. Just trying it. There’s a 15 min free demo if you have VR…

EDIT: Not so good, early days but progressing coming I’d guess in the beta * beta factor.

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I’m taking the dive into VR. I now have a Rift running (last night). I have a Leap Motion sensor and intend to use it with FlyInside and X-Plane, especially for helicopters. The idea is to be able to interact with the switches and controls in the cockpits with my hands. (I’ll have a joystick with me for primary flight controls.)

I am SO new, I don’t even know how to get X-Plane to display inside the Rift. What do I do? Reading the article suggests I just run it and it magically knows.

Do I have to do anything special to get X-Plane to render for the Rift? I see your screenshot also shows the same “critical” warning about a generic card, yet it correctly identifies the card (in my case: nVidia GTX 1070).

I haven’t tried the Leap Motion…I’ll be very interested to try it out at some point.

As of the last beta I tried, FlyInside launches X-Plane from the FlyInside program…so you start FlyInside, and if there is a parameter that it doesn’t like, it will tell you what it needs to change. Once I launch, I see a menu and then I’m able to move my cursor into the window and have it go “full screen” (VR - as it were). So yeah…FlyInside magically knows how to get your Rift working (hopefully).

I dunno about the X-Plane critical note - I just ignore it. With XP11 still a beta…I’m guessing we will expect things to change, and as such, so will FlyInside versions. Keep us up to date on what you think. And if you haven’t tried your Rift with DCS World yet - you MUST do that - it is awesome. And since DCS World is free - you have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. It has one of the best natively supported VR integrations I’ve seen. It just works. Mostly. LOL