Fokker Gun Trigger operations

I wish to simulate the control stick gun triggers on my 80% scale D-VII. I have looked at several photo’s and am finding it difficult just how exactly it operated. I would like to incorporate into my the existing gas guns giving an authentic feel and look while flying and on display. The left side, throttle controls, will be purely for display purposes, but would like the right side to operate the guns via the triggers.

Any assistance will be appreciated.
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Hey there, Yogi! Welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
Take a look at my replica D.VII stick here.

80% Fokker D.VII, you say…!
I’d love to see some pics!

Also, have a look at the great online books by Achim Engels.


Welcome to Mudspike!

Fun fact:
Pulling the gun trigger in a Fokker D.VII is pretty cool.
Pulling the gun trigger in a Fokker 100 is not cool at all.


Thank-you for your assessment, but I need to solve the technical aspect of the problem before I can test your assessment on the fun aspects. If you have any technical specs on how they operate - please share.



Sorry, I was just joking, because I didn’t want to welcome you with an otherwise empty post.

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No problem. Another suggested Achim Angles - so i reached out to friend w ties to them. i’ve got some clues and few test w light cardboard might prove theory on how it worked.

thank-you, i reached out to friend who has a relationship with the group. Hoping they can provide diagram - i have a few theories and some light cardboard should prove which works best.

Welcome to Mudspike. We’re still dying to hear more about your 80% Fokker! :smiley:

And see some pix!

My fokker has perfectly fine trigger, but it’s a mirage, I gotta tell you it’s sabotage! :musical_note:

(You ever cold start that thing, oh it’s a fokker alright)


Airdrome Aircraft kit, 80% Scale,built by Mark Hymer, paint scheme Ernst Udet. Procured 2 yrs ago from Mark - easy to fly and forgiving in flight and on the take offs and landings. Wishing to upgrade the control stick as the current ball causes hand to cramp after a bit, plus the triggers for the gun are not well positioned.



Whoaaa… nice!

Nice Fokker there, @Yogi!
What kind of engine is in it?

Are you into flightsimming? Played any Flying Circus or Rise of Flight?

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Sorry, too many projects to enjoy Simming. The airplne engine is a Suzuki Swift/Geo Metro about 90 HP. Can cruise s high as 85, combat is usually done around 65-70 so I can hang in with the Graham Lee’s. She’s very comfortble around 65-75 mph


Thank-you. See looks great from 30ft. Of course, I’m biased, she looks great up close. A lot of compromise in the interest of safety, etc.


You and Frank (Dart) sound like two peas in a pod. Frank has a home built Nieuport 11.

Building a Nieuport 11…


Way cool. It’s not that I am looking for perfection, but the subtle attention to details make things pop when seen. There is N-28 in Kane, Pa and a Camel in Jamestown, OH that make me drool every time I see them. Time and passion -

nice piece of flying kit! I believe its a treat to fly her with that opened cockpit.

checked their webz and they have also full scale ones, nice.

btw as you are gathering info on trigger operations and also you mentioned combat, what exactly are you performing with her?

BTW, one must take into consideration when designing/copying the norms of the period to today’s norms. The Avg pilot in WW-I was between 5’-7.5" to 5’-11". Now, that being said, the avg person today is roughly 5’10" to 6’+. What worked 100 yrs ago (before the day of ergonomics) may need to be expanded slightly to accommodate. Being that I am on the large lean side, any grips, etc, have to be increased slightly to accommodate a gloved hand. My suggestion, draw it out to scale, cut and test, then adapt as necessary. Remember, standards in WW-I were often overlooked once in the field w a variety of field modifications at the behest of the pilot.