For the Discerning Intruder Connoisseur

You’re up @komemiute, time to make it happen. I’d hate to think all this A-6 smack talk is all just talk after all :wink:


…it’s beautiful…

And I’m trying to remember if it was at Air and Space or on Midway.

Speaking of, I remember seeing them restoring a Whale over on North Island for one of the museums a few years back…

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The world needs more Whales, such a well proportioned aircraft.

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Maybe I chalk it up to my new job voice “Office restructuring expenses”? :smiley:

EDIT: To be fair there’s some other “interesting” Viet-Nam era apparel for sale, lower in that ad. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also saw that, and I’m very confused. Unless it’s Vietnam-era apparel from Navy Halfway night and Crossing the Line talent shows, I’m obviously missing something.


It’s called “select your target audience”.

Nobody would buy that if they didn’t suggest "Works great for role playing :wink: "…


Keeping in mind that’s eBay doing that because certain buyers have looked at the A-6 and those things… Not necessarily in that order.

The guys who look at the A-6 cockpit either have no money to spend and a wife, money to spend and no wife, or money to spend on a wife and a A-6 cockpit and are actively trying to hide ogling ladies online by claiming they’re actually looking at A-6 cockpits. Or they want to buy the A-6 cockpit and want the wife to think they’re actually ogling ladies.

Now I’m confused. :brain:


Yeah…ogling aside…because a good-looking young lady can make a Vietnam era Army Officer’s green raincoat look good…not.

My wife has one of those tailor dummy things to show off clothing - works much better.

SInce I’m a married potato I agree with you. If I was single, maybe not so much.


So does a Batman costume!…oops, was that my out loud voice again…sorry…TMI…so…how about that FA-18C…its really coming along. :blush:


Bat-Girl… Or even better Catwoman.

Or even better… No costume at all! :smiley:


There’s gotta be a Halfway Night story here…

I need to win the lottery so I can make this into my own version of @Troll’s sim box.

On an odd side note, is that a flipp’n Douglas SkyShark in the background!?


Cool! Apparently it’s in the SD ASM’s collection at Gillespie Field, outside of town. They also have a restored Lockheed Electra out there:

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Look…I’m still psychologically scarred from SSBN-627’s Halfway Night beauty congest were the dominatrix won…I was a 20 year old unworldly Midshipman…so thanks for bringing that up…(assuming fetal position)…:sob:

…but to answer you question, No…as Freud might say, “sometimes a Batman costume is just a Batman costume.” :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Isn’t it amazing how fast and far some of these threads get removed from the title subject.


You lost the coin toss and the opposing team elected that you receive… The A-6 Intruder?

No…I was just a spectator…said “dominatrix” was a Machinist Mate…this was, you realize an all male crew…why couldn’t we just have had a pinocle tournament? Why oh why?

No, he’s telling the truth- I’m sure the CO had a “talk” with the crew before the patrol not to scar the Middies too much, as Baby Ensigns still have to come from somewhere…


Uh… wot is dat?