Forza Horizon 4 on PC

I’m after a little help here guys

I’m a big fan of racing games and I was watching a stream of a guy playing Forza Horizons 4 on his X box and it looks incredible. He mentioned that he also has the PC version of this as well
I wasn’t aware of this, I want to get it! But the problem is i can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it other than a few sketchy looking “key sites”
Anyone have any idea of how to get a Pc download? I don’t have an optical drive so it would need to be in download form of possible.

Appreciate the help. I want to get my drift on.

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Microsoft Store on Windows 10 most likely I think.
There is also the Xbox app on Windows 10 it may be through that as well.

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Ah ok cool. I’ll have a look on there as I didnt realise they did games on the MS store.
Thanks @wes

You could do the PC Xbox Games pass for £1. It would allow you a month to play Forza and try out some other things as well.



Cheers @fearlessfrog I just signed up when I realised I could get forza, Wasteland 3 and MS20 included.
Thats not a bad deal to be fair.
Thanks guys :grin:

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OMFG FORZA Is bloody amazing. It feels just like project Gotham racing used too. Its arcade racing at its finest. Im totally hooked.


Yep, it’s a good looking game too:


Well, I’m officially hooked. I’ve persuaded my wife to let me buy a G290 steering wheel for me and the boy to play with. We have been having an absolute blast playing this game. Its been so much fun enjoying it with him. I did a very long day last night at work and collapsed into bed half dead. Few hours later felt eyes on me and the little fella was waiting for me to wake up to play racing with Daddy.
He is very excited to get the steering wheel and I’m looking forward to trying it as well. We went through our games this afternoon and we’ve installed dirt rally, forza motorsport and assetto corsa to play together.


Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve had a look in the kit and I am extremely impressed. A very good quality feeling piece of kit. The pedals are very very good. Brake pedal has a lovely resistance to it that I found very surprising. Cant wait to try it tommorow when I finished work


Yes I recently downloaded and am really enjoying. I have same steering wheel Victork2, lota fun :slight_smile:

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I bought it for me and my 4 Yr old to play. Do you think he will be OK on the pedals? They are quite stiff. Im really impressed though. Cant wait to try it out.

Well the gas pedal is less stiff and should be good for four year old, and that’s all you really need lol j/k

I have to stomp on my brake pedal so it needs to be solidly mounted. Though I have not looked into adjusting my brakes in game :slight_smile:

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I have the same wheel, I dissasembled the brake pedal and threw out that rubber block that acts as that uneven resistant part at the end of the pedal travel, which for me (and especailly for my kids) was very hard to press all the way down comfortably. I also got Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 for that wheel which is very handy in setting it up:

Highly recommended.

I also got the stick shifter which makes manual shift driving even better.

Casual driving is pretty cool with it, even race driving, but trying to drift with a wheel with 900° lock is pretty hard in FH4 :wink: For that I rather use a gamepad.

Also it’s very educational, both my kids are able to drive in Asseto Corsa / FM7 / Beam NG with clutch and stick!

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I have a very happy little boy. He’s currently drifting a 900 hp Toyota hilux Arctic truck like he’s been doing it for years. I cannot tell you what the wheel is like as he won’t relinquish the thing for me to try. He is in the ZONE (and pajamas)


I should of bought that in hindsight


Nice Victork2, I do some of my best driving in my pajamas :slight_smile:

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I have had a good go with it this afternoon and my GOD is it hard! I thought I would be flat out roaring in 30 seconds and it is just not like that. I’ve spent more time in walls and spinning then I ever thought I would. It will certainly take some getting used to after the x box one pad. I am still not sure I actually “like” it but its very interesting to say the least. I want to try something a bit more “sim” like asseto corsa as I don’t think forza is the right game to appreciate it properly

Ya I went from a game pad to the wheel and it took me while to adjust but my racing skills improved a lot with the wheel. I still use my game pad when I’m doing a more relaxed driving and switch to my wheel when things get serious.

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I like G_TOOFAST’s Horizon 4 vids … the guy has incredible control using full manual setup …

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