Forza Motorsport (2023)

It’s just days away from early access for pre-orders.

Value wise it’s looking very good at launch:

Over 500 cars <— COMPLETE LIST

20 tracks

On top of the planned monthly updates!

Here is a list of supported wheels. Looks like all of the big name bases and wheels are supported. And being that FM is using an open API apprach, if your wheel is not on that “official” list, it likely will work anyways (and eventually supported some time after launch).

Recent overview of weekly and monthly content.


I loved the Forza series early on, I felt the amount of customization and tuning was one of the biggest draws. I was really disappointed with the last Forza due to the lack of all that in any meaningful way. I hope this one does that better.


Is this still a Gran-Turismo like when it comes to realism?

I always thought it never was

GT is dubbed as “The Real Driving Simulator”. Judging from the FM preview videos on YouTube, it’s looking promising and realistic while continuing to cater to all skill levels.

I remember that the first Forza for the original XBox was pretty much on par with GT.

(I have both games and consoles)

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my memory was never good, but vaguely remember the days of GT1 and FM1, so you might be right. definitely not going to google it, enough rabbit holes all around :slight_smile:

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Just to be the


When Forza was released for the OG Xbox, it had to compete against GT4 on PS2… and originally it wasn’t a very merciful comparison- if we only consider both games content wise.
On the realism side, they were quite evenly matched.

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With console tech catching up to desktop tech in recent years, the line between console gaming and PC gaming is blurring with “sim” titles such as Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and Flight Simulator. We are seeing more cross-platform titles in all genres.
In addition to Forza Motorsport being cross platform (minus the playstation), EA’s upcoming WRC will be on all platforms. Also, what is great for the sim communities (racing and flight), the same peripherals that were PC only, are now becoming the norm on consoles.
FM and GT may continue to have the console stigma, but as each year passes, and cross-platform continues to be the norm, “sim”-ing will not matter which platform you are on… now we just need Eagle Dynamics to put DCS on a console. :disguised_face:

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IIRC Turn 10 stated tracks will be free to keep the MP from being split.

Car Packs wont,
But the cars will be added to the core so you can play with people that have them.
If you dont purchase the pack, you wont be able to purchase/drive them in the game.


Gonna have to wait until later this year,
got some expenses plus christmas shopping to do.

So in other words it’s Il-2 BoX with cars as opposed to DCS with cars?

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IMHO, a pretty big omission. Will it run on a Nintendo Switch? :joy: :rofl:

Thats the Forza/Xbox - Gran Turismo/Playstation rivalry for ya.

There’s always Mario Kart. :racing_car::checkered_flag::smile:

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Forza Motorsport preload is live on steam.

Below is the early access and launch day times.

Going to try it out with a gamepad on PC. Hoping for the best, but will hook my wheel up if need be,
Im getting to lazy in my old age to hook and unhook the dang wheel all the time.


Review embargos have lifted.

I didn’t get a chance to look at all of them yet, but this seems like a fair review. He played on PC. There are other reviews of using Xbox, of course.


I’ve watched a few reviews. They all seem to jive with each other on most aspects of the game. As it should be expected, FM will be a sim lite title. Content/value wise it continues to look great.
Here’s another take focusing more on the driving with a wheel. And a few laughs. Jimmy and his edits always entertain.

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I’ve seen a lot of reports of blurry textures, or at least not sharp. People are theorizing that it’s down to their lighting system and the TAA anti-aliasing.

I’m hanging back from this one at the moment and see what shakes out.

Looks good. This will be my first Forza, coming from GT3 many years ago. Looking forward to release day!

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Just did the intro and first race. Not bad with my wheel. Lots more to come. My GF got me a PS5 for my birthday so I was playing GT 7 last night. Forza beats it so far just based on voice narration vs text narration

Looking forward to more seat time with this one and with GT 7.