From BIS (ARMA3) : Project ARGO!

Basically a fast paced, more arcade-like version of ARMA. ARMAfield of Duty- sorta…

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Ah, Free To Play on Steam.

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So I take it NOBODY other than @komemiute is interested in Project Argo?!!?

If you like shooting in ArmA 3, you’ll LOVE shooting in Argo.

Simple premise … up to 5 on 5 infantry duking it out over objectives.

Anyone? Anyone? It’s FREE! Anyone? Thursday night maybe? I have a server! Anyone? Malden 2035 is being released for it on June 22nd! Anyone? :grin:


I’m willing to give it a try, downloading now

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If all goes as it should (and I really cringe thinking it couldn’t) I’m getting the big internet line today.

If so the MP gates are open again for me and I’d be honoured to join up.

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Played it, before the actual release and I loved it. But it didn’t took that long till I got bored and stopped playing because all the servers were completely empty. Hopefully that will change now.

I missed this post. I’d be in though I assume there’s very little interest for tonight or at all given the few responses. @linebacker

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Oh wow, a 9.8 GB update just got released today which includes something called “Combat Patrol”. Downloading now.

In the mean time, Argo still isn’t released … not till June 22 (Thursday) but ya, when I first tried it there were only two game modes on one area of the map. It didn’t take long for the servers, and I mean ALL the servers to be empty.

I just recently checked it out again and it seems to be doing kind of ok! Now there are three game modes with six “maps” each (map areas). The game is expanding nicely and it’ll be interesting to see how they utilize the new Malden 2035 map coming next Thursday.

Also, as I recall, you could only use a handful of weapons way back when but now you have a whole arsenal of weapons and attachments at your disposal with five customizable loadouts. You need XP to unlock the weapons/hierarchy though which unfortunately you can currently only get on official BI servers so they’re usually like 0/10 players or 10/10 players … hard to get in without a player queue.

I also like the limited amount of commands to configure unlike the multitude in ArmA3 … makes for pretty easy entry for the new guy.

Anyway, we need a few more peeps! It would be fun to use Teamspeak for trash talk and in game voip for squad comms! :slight_smile:

Ok well that’s out for now but I could do some payday I guess if you’re up for it. Haven’t had any time to figure the changes out but ya. @linebacker

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I’m torn Rhino … I just fired up Argo to see what Combat Patrol is and it’s 10 players vs AI !!!

They also released the Editor that opens up Malden as your sandbox!!! Looks like this Argo thing just got REALLY customizable!

Give me a sec :grin:

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for the record @linebacker - 10 mins while watching a twitch stream. You suck :slight_smile:

It’s called “learning” @Rhinosaurus. :slightly_smiling_face:


The game is pretty wicked shooting wise … just like in ArmA.

I call it “ArmAlite”. :slight_smile:

So yes both Malden and Combat Patrol are released into the Dev branch in Arma right now.

I liked it and would play it any time. Basically a co-op dynamic mission generator.

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I spent a little more time with Argo today and I think I’m starting to get better … here’s lowly class 2 Linebacker front and center with my ironsite SPAR 16 (names are skewed left) …

Time to buy a little more gear.

@linebacker I’m around if you want.

scratch that. It won’t even launch for me.

@Rhinosaurus, qué pasa? You ready to go amigo? (I ask in Spanish because the girl in Argo always talks like thees :slight_smile: )

Nah, I gave up trying to get it to launch. I guess I could re-download, but meh.