FSEconomy - Mudspike Air Delivery Rebirth

I’m trying to get the band back together on FSEconomy. Right now M.A.D. it appears has had its FBO foreclosed, racked up about $140k in plane debt, and has laid mostly dormant for almost 2 years.

C172 Skyhawk located at ID88
C208 Caravan located at ID88 (requires 130k debt to be paid before it can be flown)
39k in cash
And tons of random Building materials, Supplies, and Jet Fuel all over the world.

I have the cash to bring us out of the red and turn the lights back on, but I don’t own a C208 module so it would be pointless if nobody wants to play. You don’t have to fly the company planes, but it allows you to make more money. You can even fly 737’s, A320’s, 747’s, etc. As long as you choose to fly the assignment for MAD, it doesn’t matter what airport you fly out or what plane, we would receive the money.

So in the words of Bernie, I am once again asking for your financial support.


This isn’t like real money though…its all pretend right? So I could have a pretend uncle that pretended to die and left me a bunch of pretend money in his pretend will. Would that work?


Isn’t all money pretend at this point? Government just magically deposits $1200 into everyone’s account? So yes, I need your pretend financial support.


I might be into contributing to Air Hauler and FSEconomy in parallel. At least in my mind I am…but I’m not sure if I can carve out enough time. This year I got a bunch of new jobs:

Math teacher
English teacher
AIG teacher (I don’t even know what that stands for)
Student/School IT interface facilitator
Band directory (OK, that one is a stretch, I just point outside and the older one goes out and blows his sax at the wildlife)…
Gym teacher (side benefit, I’m down a few pounds)
Librarian (I think all children should read PC Pilot)

LOL…anyway…all that time I had magically while the kids were in school…poof…gone. Great in many respects, but it has severely modified my free time.

All that to say I’ll explore getting into FSEconomy, and that it isn’t lack of interest at all…but just making sure I can make the time.


I might be down for that, but I’m not planning on picking up the 208 any time soon, and I’m not sure how most of my hangar would do for bush flying. Also, I know the last base was out of Idaho, but I’m really having a lot of fun playing with the Orbx sceneries for California, Oregon, and Washington, and I’m waiting on another hard drive to build out everywhere else.

@Gunnyhighway, where are you thinking of doing the flying out of for the most part?

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Sounds good to me gunny!

I second that. Created forum account, requested game account.

@Navynuke99 You can fly out of where ever you want. You just choose to fly the assignments for MAD, in any aircraft, and we will cover the rental costs, and get a portion of the earnings. The only problem with setting up a base is that you have to find an airstrip that has an empty spot for an FBO. Most all of the good ones are taken, but you can still find open slots. We have more than enough building materials and supplies, just have to fly them to where we want to set up a base.

As far as the 208 goes, its a great plane for this game, i just don’t own it. I’d really like to get a Quest Kodiak, mainly because its good for the game and I enjoy flying it. If enough people chip in, it wouldn’t take very much.

The best thing people can do right now is just complete assignments where ever they want, just make sure you are flying the assignment for MAD before you take off.


If anyone wants to join just pm me your fseconomy name and I’ll add you. Even if you want to fly the zibo 737 or A320 or a 747, we can still get a portion of the money if you fly it for MAD. Also if anyone has contact with @EightBall, I’d obviously like to get his input this stuff as I think he fronted the majority of the capital/planes the first time. Only fair to consult him.

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OK…I’ll get to work on slipping some pretend arsenic into my pretend uncle’s pretend beer! :grin:

Actually you do have a point about money only being worth what we imagine it is worth. We covered that in my Economics class at NPS…fascinating.

Of course there are those that will say, “Once we went off the Gold Standard…Black Helicopters…the Masons…the fall of the Templars…etc.”

Hmmm…I think I’ve been watching too much Discovery Channel. :grimacing:


Is this guy a friend of yours?


If anyone wants to wet their AH2 whistle, MAD is back in the green and running. Considering buying a small FBO in Southern California. Found a small strip about 30 miles outside of San Diego, should be able to make a lot of money rather quickly.

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Could also build one in Idaho if anyone has a decent sized cargo aircraft. Need to haul the 12k kg of materials out of ID88 to an empty strip.

I’m also willing to rejoin. Currently flying a 737 from EHGG to LIPQ to get back to grips with the FSE systems. I don’t really mind where we are going to fly, I’ll leave that up to you. I don’t own a caravan either, the only plane that I have that you can realistically own in FSE, other than those included with X-plane 11, is a Citation II.

Personally i like those all-in 737, 747 flights as easy money makers. You can’t fly them for the company, but you can donate a portion of your earnings…

I’m in the process of buying an FBO in Southern California, while simultaneously moving our broken FBO pieces to an open strip within 100nm of our old FBO. Should give a couple different options of flying.


@Gunnyhighway, having a look at MAD, I found a bunch of these short hop cargo assignments you had made, about seventeen of them, from Dulles Intl. to Rhynald’s Ranch, Virginia…

Building materials, are you making an FBO there, too? Do you still want those goods flying in, or were you experimenting with the assignment creation tool and we disregard this?

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if you can haul them in that would be great. I bought a bunch of materials to set up a FBO there as well. I also purchased 56CL in California with my own cash.

That seemed like a good one because of how close it is to the hub.

I actually have a 208… hmm. Maybe I can dust that off.

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Going to need to dust off about 100k of debt to fire it up!

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