FSEconomy - Mudspike Air Delivery Rebirth

haha don’t do it just for me!

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Ummmm … You might want to take a look into that AIG Teacher position and the job responsibilities :stuck_out_tongue: That , depending on how many Gifted Students your School has , could be a fair amount of work .

Still, if it turns out to be , that is a positive thing for sure .

Oh yeaa! Did a flight with a C90, it’s been a while!


Okay, most of it in. The DC-3 is a tight fit into Rhynald’s Ranch when loaded up, the default scenery tree there started looking very close towards the end of the roll out! :slight_smile: Still, it gets out again a treat when light, so no problems. There are three crates left to bring in, but not worth another DC-3 flight.


Company is well into the “Green” now. I appreciate everyone’s support. If anyone else is interested, I can help you set up a new account etc. I think one of the best parts of FSEconomy, and why I will still play it after AH2 comes out, is that it allows you to fly planes you may not normally, and visit airports you wouldn’t normally.

Last night I made several thousand dollars flying charters in Micronesia. I would never load up Xplane and do that on my own. Instead I got some great views and enjoyed it.

@Cygon_Parrot Thanks boss! I’m pretty sure that field is actually an RC plane area!! I guess I should have looked before leaping. Will be pretty profitable though with all those airfields around.


Nice! Is that one of the Embraers?

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Yes, the Legacy 650. Pretty badass little jet.

I think I need to spend some time actually learning how to fly the jets I have before I pick up more. I’ve gone up in the Challenger maybe once, and that’s it.

I bought the ERJ family on sale a while ago, got all of the embraers from the little 14 pax one to the E-195 big boy. I like the systems commonality they share.

29VA is now home to a M.A.D. FBO. Need 2k more materials and we can put a terminal up. Its got 55 days worth of supplies, and I ordered 5000kg of fuel.


I can fly some stuff in tonight. Still coming from VA?

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I was looking around for a nearby Twin Otter to do that last haul with a bit more of a safety margin for the landing at the ranch, but notice that after all that DC-3 would have been good, even doing the flight at half load. It is cheaper to rent, not all that bad for relative short field performance, and there always seems to be a nearby one in FSE. I guess the old saying still stands true; the best replacement for a DC-3 is another DC-3. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I see you are doing those flights now. If there is anymore “heavy lift” stuff to do around the California base for FBO materials, just put the assignments up and I will do some more of them next time I have a sim session!

EDIT: Okay, just saw your latest post about the Ranch. Nice!


I know what you mean, LOL! My daughter is doing her university on-line at the moment. Communications arts / advertising / marketing. This might sound funny on this forum, but I am lately beginning to feel glad that I gently steered her away from becoming a pilot. I have been helping her with 3D programs, video editors and the best of the lot, the other day, making an advertisement video with a jingle. We used Mr. President’s Coco Jambo as a basis, and I helped her learn how to change the key and modify the tune on Caustic. She did the lyrics and graphics. We had fun. I leave all the nuts and bolts of business analysis, reports, and strategy stuff to her. She is keeping busy and enjoying her studies, which is a very good thing.


I just registered and installed the plug-ins…do I need an invite or something? I am “BeachAV8R” on my account.

I’m suddenly getting out of memory errors with the b9 beta…not sure what is going on with that.

It that this one? I just took a look. Seems to have some palettes of beer in front of the trailer. Seems legit.



Yeah, I’d hold off on updating to beta 9 for now. I’m still on beta 8 and what I’ve read on the XP forums hasn’t sounded positive about 9.

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Yup that’s it. I tried to add you to the group, but it looks like they haven’t created your account yet. Did you make a new user account request post on their forums?


After you create a FSEconomy account, you have to post on that forum for them to create “you” in the game world. Then you log in on the Game World.

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Yeah…I went through that dozen page thread on b9 over at X-Plane.ORG and there do seem to be a lot of problems with b9. I moved my textures slider back one click from the right and now I seem to be OK.

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Roger - submitting a request on that forum.


Current State of the M.A.D. union:

C172 @ ID88 - flyable and rentable. Valued at ~150k
C208 @ ID88 - Needs 134k in repairs to be airworthy. Valued at ~400k
233k in cash

CL56 DBA Highway Robbery w/1 terminal
VA29 w/ 1 terminal

Both are stocked with at least 30 days of fuel and supplies

Current goal is to raise enough money to purchase a Kodiak Quest, and relocate our airplanes to one of the FBOs. Anyone want to fly a C172 from Idaho to California? Could pick up jobs on the way and probably make a ton of money.

Did @EightBall ever release those updated airstrips he was working on?

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