Game Deals & Book thread

Guys do you know of any eshop with ebooks about aircrafts/flying where one can pay e.g. with paypal?

Btw I hate amazon! How they can state that kindle format of a book (or mp3 format of an album) is not available in my country? It is downloadable content, it is avalaible from anywhere where internet conection is!
And then they are wondering why people are not buying things and why pirating is so popular!

WOWZA! Lots of HOT deals on GamersGate!

Like: Cities XXL under 3$

Blood Bowl for 3$

Blood Bowl 2 60% off

and the old but venerable Wargame: European Escalation for dirt cheap$

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For all the original X-Com game the one and only XENONAUTS is FREE on GOG.COM!

PS: Oh, yeah- there’s also a radical summer sale! :smiley:

whyyyy is rocket league not on any of these sites at all? ze fark I say!


Ha haa! My aerial car control training continues …

It’s like they say … easy game to learn but hard to become even remotely adequate LOL! There are so many levels of complexity to this simple looking game. Just try ORANGEPIE’s [WHY YOU SUCK] SHADOW DEFENSE training mission for instance. I’ve not saved one goal yet! Incredibly difficult.

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Ah, Rocket League. When I was addicted to CSGO I thought, ah a nice little car game - what would be the harm? 300 hours later… :expressionless:

Anyway, if you do stick with it, here’s what I wish I had known from the start:

  • Remap your controls. Move the default [X] of drift and air steer to the left bumper. If you get into it and then have to relearn this it is really painful. It’s essentially because you need to drift and air steer and there are too many right pad buttons to press, so if you start off with left bumper you’ll be better off up front.

  • Change the default camera controls - they are awful. Camera shake off, FOV 105, Distance 250, Height 105, Angle -3, Stiffness 0.5 and move swivel to 6.0.

  • Competitive is ranked, so Bronze means all new players together. You essentially relearn the game at each level due to people getting used to things. You don’t need aerial that much until Gold, and at Platinum/Diamond you’ll need pretty much all of the youtube caster tricks (quick aerial, ball carry, diagonal flip, the works).

  • In competitive bronze/silver you’ll probably win most games if you (a) stay as the goalie and just wait it out. and (b) spread out. Most goals at the beginning at just random long distance stuff. If the 3 of you spread out and you stay back in goal then you’ll be in the top 10% of that level.

  • Voice chat will be toxic in comp up till about Diamond, after that people either team properly or just play. You can turn comms off if you like, lots of players do, it makes no difference at the beginning unless you are voice chatting anyway.

  • In the air, use the air steer to land on your wheels, even if vertical on the wall. It will help you get back into the game easier.

  • The quick up of LS-Down, A+B, B feather, LS-Neutral, A Tap is only essential from about Gold. Before that just a good LS-Down A+B is fine.

  • If you pass off the back curve walls you’ll be in Gold before no time. People don’t usually pass.

  • Long range shots on the half-volley work well at the beginning, and great for big clears and sometimes goals. Basically just play territorially, just like soccer.

  • Keep auto camera on for now. When you are dribbling/carrying much later then it is handy to flip on/off but you’ll need 100 hours plus before that.


Solid info @fearlessfrog. Sounds like a nightmare trying to play this in the public domain.

IMO, Rocket League looks like a really fun game to get into from the ground floor with our ground-ops group.

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Yeah, it’s got a really high skill ceiling and would be fun if you are all starting out together in a team of 3. You can just turn the chat to ‘team only’ or use Teamspeak and as most teams at the beginning are just random groups, you’ll probably win a lot and have a good time.

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Project Cars 2 worth it for VR for $24.00?


Totally worth it. Some might argue that Assetto Corsa and Rfactor 2 are still ahead in the physics department but the ease of setting up and tweaking VR in PC2 for good graphics and acceptable performance is well ahead of the other two. My opinion of course. I’ve had more fun than I should in PC 2 screaming around Long Beach in an Indy Car, or driving the California highway in the F150 in VR…


Thanks for the heads up! Bought it. :slight_smile:


Yeah…I’m interested in the career mode. I’ll buy it…but it is debatable whether anything will make me go through the hassle of pulling out my wheel…LOL…I need a garage/man cave in the worst way…

Is this true? …

“The VR mode for this game requires the use of a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse.”

No wheel in VR?

No. I think they mean it doesn’t work with the likes of touch controllers like VR wheel.

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Ah ok thanks. I just finished watching YouTube of a guy playing it using Oculus Rift and steering wheel and just having a blast! After reading what @wingman1387 had to say, this is highly tempting. I’ll probably pull the trigger lol! :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard it is better than Project CARS 1 in pretty much every way, and that was really nice, albeit a resource hog in VR. I would get it, but I didn’t play enough PCARs1 to justify it, not really because of how good the sim was, just more I never really got back into racing.

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It’s not about wearing the shoes. It’s about owning the shoes.



That cat gif just made my day!


Oh wow… Just fired it up and it is awesome. It even plays well with an X-Box controller. I set all settings to maximum and even at 3440 x 1440 it didn’t bat an eye. Not sure how that works since I was in VR…but the monitor was full screen (does it just stretch the image…because when I zoom in on this screen I took, it looks pixelated…?). Anyway, it was awesome. I just picked a regular car (well…sorta regular), turned off all the driving assists and picked the California Highway as the racetrack. It was very, very nice in VR…


Yeah…I really didn’t need this game distracting me…but it’s pretty darn fun. Butter smooth with everything maxed out. No complaints from me (other than my awful driving…)