Game Deals & Book thread

This SW still need origin installed, it requires an account but idk if requires the client?

I think it’s SNAFU’ed at the moment. Hopefully they fix that issue soon.

I am downloading it now and are looking at a 4 hour download.

As a first it only became available here at around 16:00 local time.

I think that it could be that they have had server problems or they could be overloaded. I imagine that there are a lot who would like to get it.

Well, what do I know.

I am just very happy to get it for free.

Happy Simming

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4 hours … bloody hell … mine is currently standing at 16 hours and 39 minutes… :frowning:

This very funny game are for free, limited time:


did everyone get this email from GOG? I dont even know that game, anyone interested in the discount code?

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I have a discount code too…

I think everyone on GOG’s mailing list got it, I did.

Free, fun to see lots of things move around on screen:

Epic’s continued money burn, today with a free 2D metroidvania platformer.


I just spent ten bucks on this. Reportedly it is worth it, although I expect it to drive me insane.


Only $6 till 2/12/21

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If I didn’t already own it I’d buy it.

I’m awful at it…

For me, its essentially a crash simulator. :pleading_face:

Everytime I nearly buy it, I end up looking at steering wheels. Which ends up in an argument about not needing one with the wife and the cycle continues

If you only had a nice racing sim to put it in use…

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Forza horizon 4 is (not a sim) my new love. I’ve not had so much fun in a driving game for years. My boy loves it too. I think we NEED a wheel to get the best out of it. My wife…disagrees

So it’s decided. 2 v 1 pro wheel.


Hahaha I love your optimism. My wife may be half the size but experience tells me she gets definitely more than one vote. :wink:


If only Forza had VR! :sob:

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I absolutely love the game. The cars, the tracks, Hospital radio. Its utterly utterly excellent.
I have been welded to get game since I got it last week. We are level 27 already. I’ve had a good run lately. DOOM Eternal and now this.
I have wasteland 3 to play as well but I just keep going back to Forza.
Even treated myself to a new Xbox 1 pad for my Pc as I was on my old wired 360 pad which is at least 8 years old. Fully recommended purchase as well

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