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over christmas they did a one a day giveaway … but normally it seems to be about one a week …and battlefront 2 is pretty good, the single player campaign is not bad either


Victor, have Doom and Doom Eternal now too, LOL, fun, especially as I hark back to DOS original Doom days, LOL … good to have a blast off and release some tension in those games I suppose :slight_smile:

Picked both those up on cheaper Steam sales, good steam sales are far and few between these days though, good to hear of other company’s like Epic and GOG especially for my older game memory’s :slight_smile:

Good thread, wish I’d noticed it earlier.

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Be prepared @b12. For a sudden influx of feeling like a complete badass. DOOM has an effect on me that I very much like. Its the same feeling I used to get playing the old games.
I am the doom slayer.


STAR TREK Bridge Crew are on 60% sale on IndieGala and The Next Generation DLC is on 50% sale.

The TNG DLC is linked to on the STBC page. Note that this sale is not covering Canada, North and South America. You can see the list on the page.

Happy Simming

For free until 17/01

Come and get it! (although, it shows unavailable as I try to install it, even though it’s added to my account)

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i got the same message … just trying to re-start epic… seems to be fine now

I got it working. I don’t seem to have celebration edition working. maybe it’s confused, since i already had the basic version from origin installed. I have two icons though, one with the epic logo and one without.

Careful, sometimes extra stuff is available in the store page but scrolling down…

This SW still need origin installed, it requires an account but idk if requires the client?

I think it’s SNAFU’ed at the moment. Hopefully they fix that issue soon.

I am downloading it now and are looking at a 4 hour download.

As a first it only became available here at around 16:00 local time.

I think that it could be that they have had server problems or they could be overloaded. I imagine that there are a lot who would like to get it.

Well, what do I know.

I am just very happy to get it for free.

Happy Simming

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4 hours … bloody hell … mine is currently standing at 16 hours and 39 minutes… :frowning:

This very funny game are for free, limited time:


did everyone get this email from GOG? I dont even know that game, anyone interested in the discount code?

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I have a discount code too…

I think everyone on GOG’s mailing list got it, I did.

Free, fun to see lots of things move around on screen:

Epic’s continued money burn, today with a free 2D metroidvania platformer.


I just spent ten bucks on this. Reportedly it is worth it, although I expect it to drive me insane.


Only $6 till 2/12/21

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