Game Deals & Book thread

Air Hauler for X-Plane is 50% off right now ($11.46) - remember, it was made for XP9…and works so/so with XP10…but lacks some of the features…and definitely lacks the full features of Air Hauler 2 for FSX/P3D… But if you want Air Hauler in X-Plane, it is the only thing going (I hope it works in XP11)…


thanks, picked it up. Hoping it works in xp11 too otherwise it might be short-lived. $15 and change for us poor Canadians.

edit: wow. lol. 6 emails since it was my first purchase there.


I think that my XP10 install will live on for a while as nice as it looks and runs. And that’s a lot of software for $15. Who knows what add-ons will work with XP11 and how quickly devs will update their products.


Dirt 3 free on Humble Bundle.

Activates on Steam.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for free on Uplay.

Funny '80s throwback- can’t beat the price! :smiley:

Breach & Clear is 90% off right now - $1.49. I have a hard time resisting 90% off games…even though I know I don’t have any time to play them. Sigh…someday…

Always a sucker for a Challenging Airport ™ so I picked up the OryxSim Kelowna X airport for P3D (looks like it was native FSX:SE, but I’m forcing it into P3D…will report back). Has some nice approaches in there… (By the way…aren’t we past the “X” phase of product marketing…?? That an “Extreme”…)

Might wanna make sure your TAWS is working…just sayin’…

Half off at the moment plus it is -10% Tuesday so roughly $4.50 US (I recommend their Castlegar X as well for a tough NDB approach…)

EDIT! OR you can get all of their stuff for a discount right now at their own site!


Can confirm it works fine when manually added to P3D v3 using the add scenery function in the sim…and keep in mind…these aren’t ORBX detailed airports…thus the lower price. So temper your expecations… :thumbsup:

They have Chilliwack… definitely must have! :smile:

btw really curious about challenging approaches to Kelowna. I was overflying this airport on my way from Vernon to Chilliwack.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is on sale (physical copy) for $9.99 at Amazon currently. I bought it even though I don’t have a moment to play it right now. The open world part sold me…we’ll see…

Dustoff Heli Rescue is a pretty darn fun game and it is only .39 cents! (Check to make sure it isn’t region locked though!) We actually ran a review of it and I gave it 4 out of 5 rabbits…or carrots…or stars…oh…that’s right, we don’t score stuff like that:

I also picked up F1 Race Stars for $3.75…my kid will love that one:

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Ha…! This was a great purchase. It has multiplayer local split screen (more games need this!!) so if you have 2 to 4 controllers you can all play at once on the same screen. The powerups are hilarious and the racing is sort of designed to keep it close all along. It’s a blast for smaller kids…Kai is loving it.

Insurgency is $1.99US and Day of Infamy is $14.99US at Steam. You can pick them up and join us this weekend for some trigger time. :slight_smile:


Oh dear…(and it looks like FS Pilot Shop is getting hugged to death…)

ORBX has their 35 for 39 sale going on (35% off for 39 days). Personally, I don’t really need anything… I’d love some of those airports, but I’ve got enough going on right now. Although I have to admit, that Narvik airport looks pretty darn cool…and has one of those unique type approaches I enjoy shooting (a 7.1% gradient, DME arc to a LOC…what’s not to like about that??)

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And it is worth mentioning that ORBX has some nice free demo areas and a couple free airports you can check out too:

As usual - has their big holiday sale going on for this weekend 20-60% off until Tuesday night. I got away pretty cheap…only two aircraft hit my “want” list…


Orbx makes some nice quality scenery. I have my eye on the Orbx Germany (North), although I may wait to get it when (South) comes out eventually.

BTW, I have an extra Watch Dogs 2 code that I’m trying to offload. If anybody is planning on getting it anyway, I wouldn’t mind an exchange (Squad or GTA V), which would be a good savings, since both are on sale at Steam.

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I’ve been eyeing their Northern California, especially since they make a detailed version of the airport where I got my PFL.

@EinsteinEP METAR raw report: KRDD 251253Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM FEW030 FEW060 SCT075 07/06 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP199 T00670056.

Euro Truck Sim 2 for $5 USD on Steam