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If I didn’t already own it I’d buy it.

I’m awful at it…

For me, its essentially a crash simulator. :pleading_face:

Everytime I nearly buy it, I end up looking at steering wheels. Which ends up in an argument about not needing one with the wife and the cycle continues

If you only had a nice racing sim to put it in use…

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Forza horizon 4 is (not a sim) my new love. I’ve not had so much fun in a driving game for years. My boy loves it too. I think we NEED a wheel to get the best out of it. My wife…disagrees

So it’s decided. 2 v 1 pro wheel.


Hahaha I love your optimism. My wife may be half the size but experience tells me she gets definitely more than one vote. :wink:


If only Forza had VR! :sob:

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I absolutely love the game. The cars, the tracks, Hospital radio. Its utterly utterly excellent.
I have been welded to get game since I got it last week. We are level 27 already. I’ve had a good run lately. DOOM Eternal and now this.
I have wasteland 3 to play as well but I just keep going back to Forza.
Even treated myself to a new Xbox 1 pad for my Pc as I was on my old wired 360 pad which is at least 8 years old. Fully recommended purchase as well

Well it was a no brainer for me as I got game pass for msfs, and instantly ended up downloading No Mans Sky, Forza and others, as well. Can’t really beat that for just a few dollars a month…

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I have taken loads of screenshots of my cars and was going to upload them but i feel I might be discovered as the utter Chav I am.
Every impreza. Every skyline. All blue.
Every other vehicle = snow camo and carbon wheels…

Saved me uploading it all lol

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It is a fantastic deal. I got the first month for £1. And after its like 7.99 I think. Even if i played forza and Wasteland 3 and got rid of it its still much cheaper than buying them separately.
I have attempted to download MSFS but it downloaded 126gb then when I opened it, it wanted another 90gb. That kept failing and it was irritating me after the 3rd attempt so I gave up.
Looks like Forza motorsport is next on the list.

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If wonder if the extra GB was stuff you needed to download from the content manager…

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I forget what it said now. You opened up and it showed the desert screen with the table top mountain then it said it needed to download an extra 90gb of something but would only get about 4 or 5 gb in then freeze.

Did you eventually get it?

I bought the Deluxe/Premium edition. On initial install, had to download 120GB of speech recognition stuff. Then, couldn’t see any of the DLC content. Had to go in to Content Manager in MSFS and select it all. Boy howdy, this sim takes some resources (GPU, HDD and bandwidth). It’s like it’s trying to render the entire planet or something…

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The World Update 1 (Japan) and 2 (US) is about 90 GB extra, so that sounds about right. The MSFS installer is a weird one - it’s putting those files by default on your C: drive, and if it runs out of space or fails it just keeps trying. There’s also a lot of reports of it struggling with people’s networks and just failing. You can probably ignore those extra downloads for now if you just want to try it out and fly about a bit e.g. just cancel out.


I didnt try to skip that bit. Ill give it another go and see if that works. Im not too worried as it was included with game pass. I’d be seriously upset if I had bought it on steam

Yep understandable. The Steam download is a bit of a nightmare, as it’s just the ‘client app’ bit, so like the executable that’s not really very large. All the downloaded models/textures etc (120 GB etc) come down from Microsoft anyway, regardless of if it’s a Steam purchase or not. Everything else is just streamed online as you fly around.

The history of it is that they needed to do this as a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP), which is basically a sandbox mode where the app API is restricted to a smaller subset of windows things. They did this because they are porting it to the Xbox platform, and doing a UWP app first makes that much easier (as the ‘touch points’ with the underlying OS are now much simpler, reducing port time). The Xbox version is in insiders alpha at the moment, and should be ready in the summer.

The downside of the UWP app is just the weird way it places everything, and simmers like to hack around. It’s caused a lot of confusion for sure, plus the installer was always a bit buggy.


I did have that problem of not having enough space on C:

Eventually I changed it all to a blank 500gb SSD I had forgotten was even on the computer!

Go to W10— SETTINGS----SYSTEM----STORAGE (at the bottom of the page under More Storage Settings , choose Change Where New Content Is Saved —at the top New Apps Will Be Saved To (drop down your list of hard drives and USB drives (like My Books as an example) they should all be there…and make your choice. Done…now when you purchase (if you decide to) M.S. Flight Simulator 2020 from the Microsoft Store, it will download and reside on your chosen drive. Unless you do this…it will attempt to install on your C: Drive .

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