Game Deals & Book thread


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-ish vibe is strong with this one.


I also get a strong ARMA 2 vibe. What was the tiny island called again?




Doesn’t get much better than FREE…! Flight1 has decided to make their Cessna 162 Skycatcher free (normally $29.95) due to dropping support for it. FSX or P3D - pretty painless install following the instructions here:

EDIT - Looks like there might be some problems with the install perhaps…I’m not getting a nav database in P3D…will update if this gets solved…

I’m sad that this plane (in real life) didn’t catch on because it seemed to be a nice, modern update to the C-152 alternative. The price and performance though appeared to have killed it…


Why oh why does FSX hate my three monitor configuration, my multi device HOTAS and the latest PC hardware that wasn’ty even there when it was programmed?

Oh, wait…


For VR users…Omega Agent has been price dropped from $14.99 to $2.99 (80% off):


These instructions worked for me to get the Skycatcher working completely properly in P3D:

Comment from discussion Flight1 Cessna 162 SkyCatcher now FREE!.


Hmmm. Call of Duty: WWII announced. Also a deal at greenmangaming. 20% off voucher since I’m subscribed.

I wonder.


It installed ok in FSX for me. Curiously it doesn’t work in FlyInside, as it sort of hangs in ‘Waiting for Sim’. First time that’s ever happened, so I wonder if it’s doing its MFD’s oddly or something.


From what I understand, those Flight1 avionics use some odd SimConnect features that may be throwing a curveball. Have you tried launching it in non-VR to agree to the modules/DLLs launching and then try it in VR? Maybe those DLL warning Windows don’t show up in VR (?)


I think there’s something about the framerate and (possibly) Windows 10 Creators Edition. I get about 8 FPS in virtual cockpit in 2D, which would stop FlyInside even trying. It’s just this aircraft though, as even something demanding in the same weather/location like the Aerosoft A319 gets 50 fps+. Maybe an OPENGL thing, I’ll fiddle around…


Oh ya… hmm. I do kinda want this. It’d be fun to play with someone else though as well…

err, thought that was fixed. The preview is fine other than the image… anyway, it’s Sniper Elite 4 25% off


I sent a fix to the open source forum people and they are being kind of slow to incorporate it. For now, when pasting in steam links put something like this:

rather than Steams’ new default of this (i.e. get rid of the stuff paste the ‘10’ bit):

Hopefully the fix will be in really soon.


Understood, captain!


Oh dear…ORBX 47% off for 31 days sale…this could sting…


Glad I only fly x-plane!


If it weren’t for some professional obligations and Air Hauler 2, I would fly X-Plane exclusively too.



that’s only 202 in USD :slight_smile:


My Air Hauler career better takeoff to allow me to expand into those regions… :thinking:


The HumbleBundle Monthly this time around is for Stellaris.

A good deal for $12 for Stellaris (a low I think), and I’ll probably keep my subscription going for that. It’s a subscription, but you can basically cancel it if you don’t like the ‘headliner’ for that month. They say you get about $100 of games, but obviously this list contains filler. I like it because it provides some really varied games I might not have looked at normally, sort of like a cheap game pinata gift. :horse:

Last month on the bundle I got for my $12 (as well as Dirt/Inside unlocking early):

  • Dirt Rally (epic in VR)
  • Inside (nice Limbo follow up)
  • This is the Police
  • Undertale
  • Metrico+
  • GoNNER
  • The Turing Test
  • Underwhere, Super Rude Bear and some Sci Film thing.

My referral code is

…if you do ever sign up and want to give me free game money :slight_smile: