Game Deals & Book thread


+1 for the Humble Bundle.

I’d say every other month you get a blow-out, say something with a much higher MSRP that you’ve been eyeing for the $12. Some of the filler games have ended up being quite enjoyable too.


Some massive bargains on Star Wars titles over at steam

etc., etc., etc.


GOG Has a potentially even better Star Wars promo.

And it comes with a fun QUIZ.

Although, if you’re a true Mudspiker, you can skip right to the outcome: ACE PILOT


Dungeons 2 - Free, for the next day or so via Humble Store

I used to love Dungeon Keeper, and this seems to be some sort of remake. Not sure why it’s free (probably a sequel soon), but hey, a decent price :slight_smile:

PS With these sort of free deals on Humble Store, you have about 10 days or so to redeem the Steam key, otherwise it expires it. A new ‘stop hoarding/reselling’ thing I think.



Doom’s 67% off ($20). This might be the final straw which breaks my back. I’ve heard it’s glorious.


It is a very good action game.

I didn’t finish it though, as there’s this initial ‘sugar rush’ of great gameplay, metal music and demon stomping for the first few hours, but then it didn’t keep me engaged for some reason. I did spend a lot of time playing with the excellent level designer and did some co-op. They really couldn’t have done better if you liked anything about the originals.


Mirage- Arcane Warfare is running a free open beta this weekend before release next week. It is a multi-player FPS from the guys who made Medieval: Chivalrous Warfare.

And the official website -


No Mother’s Day flight sim add-on sales for the Moms out there? Hmmph…


Apparently glitchy but getting rave reviews? At work so haven’t looked into it.


Mount & Blade, free from GoG for a short time. Great fun Game of Thrones lite simulator, with so many mods and fun MP. :slight_smile:

If anyone does pick this up for free, then check out the Lord of the Rings mod - it’s very good.


One of those ‘install now for free and get to keep deals because we have a sequel coming out soon’. With the amount of free stuff around, a patient gamer could probably play for years without buying stuff. :slight_smile:

A sort of RPG / 3rd person Elite space game. Looks quite pretty.


Another nice little free scenery from FSDG (FSX/P3D). Tromelin Island (yeah, I had to look it up…it is an island 200 or so miles east of Madagascar and 350 miles north of Reunion Island)…


Nice GOG.COM sale!


Released on Mobiles- Free to play!


Played it for a while. Nice but if you don’t pay you miss almost all of the loot and it becomes very hard.


Big sale on at the store…not the deepest discounts, but quite a selection…(check to see if whatever you buy is XP11 compatible and/or will be made so for either an upgrade fee or free!)

Standout bargain thus far to my eyes is the Bell 412 for $18.20…that is a nice helo…!

I might finally pick up the Kodiak and VFW-Fokker is intriguing…


Hmm. Might pick up REP for the B58. Not a huge discount, but $5 is $5.


I’ve decided to pass on the VFW-Fokker - looks a little rough around the edges. The Kodiak remains on my possible list and I’d really like to pick up the Super Hornet just to make @near_blind rage at me. :wink: If they would fix the darn size of the pilot in the cockpit, that’d be a start. But $20 might still be too much for me to pick up something I just want to dabble with.

The JAR A330 is also on my list…but I still haven’t even figured out the A320, so I can’t see the sense in picking up a module that will just sit. But the A330 is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful airliners out there flying in the real world.


Thanks for the heads-up Beach. I’m thinking about the SH-3 and C-17. The Kodiak is fantastic (once it gets an XP11 update). The only thing to keep in mind is that there is no de-icing equipment. So winter bush flying in the PNW with real weather enabled can be a challenge.


I’d check into the C-17 and see if it is compatible. I have some MFD display problems with it even in XP10 I think…