Game Deals & Book thread


Yep, restraint is good.

Check out this guy at 15% off though!



I bought that one in the last sale…! I had to have the real Mach Loop to go with the Just Flight Hawk…so it wasn’t by choice, it was a necessity…yeah…


I have it also, but never installed, so in some ways even worse.

I need to find 120GB of disk free from somewhere (eyes Destiny 2 directory while @Rhinosaurus can’t see)


I was home alone tonight, with the family off on Thanksgiving vacation, so I was sipping a beer, watching the Dallas v Redskins game out of the corner of my eye, choking down the bile from being forced to root for Dallas due to the Eagles sucking this year, and doing some internet shopping. Shoes!

I think I got off relatively easy this time around.

Decided I needed to round out my Seattle area scenery with some Drzewhiskyisgreat scenery that is on sale:

Seattle Airports XP

And why just get the airports when you can also get the city too…

Seattle City XP

And then I headed over to Sim Market and picked up what are probably two crappy titles, but I have this weird fascination with the ERJ-135. I just think it is a really slick looking airplane, much more airplaney and cool looking than those awful CRJs with the way they point their nose at the ground when they are on approach. This is a Feel There / Wilco product for P3D v4, so I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in my purchase, but at just $15 or so I won’t be too put out. I wish Danklua would update his X-Plane version of the ERJ…

And then to round out my poor decision making tonight, I thought if I end up in Pago Pago in time for the Christmas flight, I might want to do some island hopping around the area, so I picked up the PACSIM Tonga Domestic package for $13 or so…

So that’s about it for tonight. Should keep me busy for a few days. Until I see another pair of shiny shoes…


lol how many hours do you have in Project Cars 2? Or are you just buying games to buy games? lol

Having said that, I bought BF5 and FIFA 19 recently. So, I’m not really one to talk.


The Feel There ERJ series is pretty decent. The pit is a bit dated compared to some of the current crop, but overall it’s a solid add on.


It’s less that I don’t want to play it than that I don’t want to hassle with mounting my wheel to my desk. So it’s basically laziness… :blush:


To my great surprise…it is! I took some great screens tonight. For such a cheap plane, it has a nice mid-level functionality, and it looks pretty good and has a nice flight model. I’m impressed…!


Its hapening!

X-Plane.Org Software Store Sale


This is probably going to hurt… :wink:


I have the same feelings :slight_smile:

I can feel it…


Some good sales on over at X-Aviation. I do love their products, and their customer service has gotten a lot better in recent years with the lifting of download restrictions. Do your research and make sure what you buy is compatible with the version of X-Plane that you are running though:

Personal favorites are the JetStream, DC-3, MU-2, CRJ-200, and Saab 340A. Looks like the TBM is not on sale, so I’m gonna wait on that one…

The Icarus sceneries are really nice too.


Reality XP is having a 30% off sale. I have to thank (or curse!) @chipwich for turning me on to the GTN 750 for X-Plane. I really love it in the planes it is integrated into. I’m buying the P3D version in this sale.

$35 may seem steep even at the sale price, but the functionality of the GTN 750 is pretty phenomenal. I fly with ones in our Citations at work, and they are awesome.

On sale until November 30:


I have read that the sale will end on Monday night…


I usually stay away from X-Aviation, but that Saab looked too good to miss. While I was at it, I picked up the Cessna 310L which looks pretty good.


just bought this guy a beer :slight_smile: so heads up for you who want to try FREE XP10/11 twin ’ jetprop ’ on your Xmas Flight


I have an unreasonable desire to pick up this CeraSim Bell 222 for P3D v4. I think it is a rework of their old model to make it P3D v4 compatible, so I don’t expect all that much from it…and at just shy of $17, I wouldn’t cry in my soup if it were horrible.

BUT…I have a hard time thinking I’ll like a FSX/P3D flight model helicopter, no matter how good the systems are, considering how much I enjoy DCS and X-Plane helo flight models.

I’ll see if @smokinhole owns it and let him talk me out of it. If anyone else has any opinions on it…fire away…


Que Airwolf theme tune… :smiley:


Baja: Edge of Control HD is a scream. We just played 3-player split screen and it was fantastic… Good purchase!


I don’t have P3D unfortunately. I’d love to have a good one for X-Plane. I’d really like a Dreamfoil-level Linx.