Game Deals & Book thread


I have an extra copy from the Humble Bundle Monthly I forgot to pause up for grabs.


Ooh, i can has?


@schurem it seems to be region locked:
This came up when creating gift:

Region Lock Warning
This key is only available in the countries listed below. If the gift recipient is not located in one of these countries, they may not be able to redeem the key.


That going to be an issue?


Meh. Yeah, I’m. NL, or eu


Super sale on Greenman Gaming.

And more specifically…


Horror sale on GOG.COM


Bit of a weird one, but 99 cents for a month of Origin Basic subscription. It also gives you 10 hours of Anthem to try, plus 10% off the store (which makes it worth it alone if you’re buying anything).

The 99 cents gives you access to these games for the month:

Hmm, there are actually some I wouldn’t mind playing in here…


I basically did this to play titanfall 2 without buying it. Played that and Battlefield 4 for a bit then cancelled the subscription. Its not a bad service.


Yeah, it’s not a bad deal, I mean for $1. A 170 game open library for the month and you get 10 hour trials of BFV, FIFA 19, and Madden 19 as well. For a few of them that’s probably long enough for me anyway. :slight_smile:


Origin downloads seem very well optimised as well. Stuff seems to DL far quicker than steam


@Rhinosaurus @saghen and @adlabs6 - we could pick a new game per week and hit it up as a squad or something to make the MP fun. Something like BF:V, SW:BFII, TitanFall2, BF1 etc and then Anthem on Feb 22? It’s 99 cents.


I read this as I imagined Macklemore would have said it…



I’m still peeking in at my Viveport account once in awhile. Haven’t had time to take advantage of the 5 free titles per month included in the subscription (I think I’ll run mine out until March or April when the 6-month expires). If you happen to spot any of those deals in there that are permanently applied to your account, give a shout here!


To be fair, I have BF:V, BF 1, SW:BF2, so I would be down for that.


Well, Origin does have but a fraction of the Steam userbase. Server load is minimal…









Well, no…
Thimbleweed Park is the best point&click adventure LucasArt never made.