Game Deals & Book thread


I’m getting that tonight actually when I get to my comp.


LOL I pulled a @BeachAV8R … already own it but bought it and tried to redeem the key. Doh. Thank goodness it’s so cheap!


It’s a truly excellent gift to anyone who uses a mouse not just for work…


Hands and knees! Hands and knees! :joy::joy:


I sort of am to blame here…
I do realise I’m bombarding all of you with these ads… Plus I’ve advertised Home world Remastered alone three or four times.
If it makes you feel better I’ve just bought it too and I own the old boxed versions…


I am begging you NOT to stop! I’ve had 2 free games and a hell of a load of cheap old trips down memory lane! Keep em coming! Your doing the Lords work :joy::joy:

Edit: I forgot destiny 2! That was you as well!


Hahhaha :rofl:


Hey, just in case someone has an Amazon Prime account…
If you link it to a Twitch account you automagically get a Twitch Prime account with quite some cool games for free!

I just did and look all the cool stuff I got!

My gods I sound like a spambot… :slightly_frowning_face:


Broforce is excellent, even if you dislike its gameplay, you should get a taste of it for its humour :smiley:


I’m so impressed…
You simply link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and you get all of those.
Plus more every month.

I’m … like…
Is this addiction?


Keep em comin! Broforce was excellent. There is a free dlc on steam as well @schurem

I lost a lot of time to bomber crew…


Has anyone read “Bio” Baranek’s second book “before Topgun Days”?
Is it as entertaining as the first one?

Same question for the book
Martin Caiden: “Fork Tailed Devil”
Is that one any good?


Steam is giving away “A Story About My Uncle” for free until tomorrow, if installed today:


Get up to 55% off kingdom come deliverance at fanatical with code deliverance


Just Cause 2 for $1.49 seems like a good value for the money!


Star Wars Battlefront 2 - $4.50

Worth it if we had about 5 people willing to just multiplayer the starfighter levels - that’s very good apparently. The single player campaign is about 4 hours. Obviously the graphics are amazing, the gameplay pretty blah.


The original Battlefront 2 is on GOG, and is still pretty awesome.


The Golf Club 2019 w/ PGA Tour is on sale for 75% off - $12.49. I bought this for my dad last week for the X-Box for I think $59 or something :roll_eyes: but this is the PC version. On the X-Box, it was pretty darn good. Unfortunately, I can’t get WinGamesStore to send me a confirmation registration e-mail…maybe it will come later… I’d definitely like to pick it up and play online with some of you guys.


Humblestore has it on sale too if you don’t want to use Greenmangaming.

The Division Gold Edition ~$12-13
The Division Base game ~ $7-8

I got the Gold Edition to play around with. I have so many games in my library. :frowning:


A 99-cent read…