Game of Thrones season 7 (as it develops) SPOILER thread

Here we will discuss GOT as the season unfolds.

It will be hard to beat out S6’s Battle of the Bastards and hold the door episodes, but from what I saw Sunday night, this season should be pretty epic. Did anyone happen to recognize Ed Sheeran’s scene? I thought that he looked familiar, but didn’t figure it out until watching the end credits.

So, Arya Stark on a mission to assassinate Cersei Lannister. Pretty compelling, even if RR Martin didn’t pen it.

And what’s Little Finger’s play? Hand of Sansa or Hand of the King?

Will be fun to watch.

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Did you forget what he told Sansa in the S6 finale, or maybe the one before the BotB where he promised the Vale’s help?

He wants the Iron Throne himself. Despite there being no conceivable way for him to hold it (due to lack of noble birth which would prevent recognition from the noble houses), he still desires it and strives for it. He wasn’t kidding or making an idle boast. Every move he’s made backing or betraying anyone has been in service of that one goal–will it help move him closer to the throne? Betray Ned to Joffrey? Best move at the time. Kill Joffrey and then the guy who actually did the deed? Best move at the time.

It’s a classic strategy to make those stronger than yourself fight each other and weaken their positions until they’re weaker than you. He’s not there yet, but even now he seems to be stoking discontent between Jon and Sansa. Jon learned from Ned, but Sansa learned from Cersei.

As for Arya, we don’t know what the end game is supposed to be, but he told David and Dan, so if he said “in the end, after all this stuff I’ve written about Arya learning to be a Faceless one, she’s going to kill Cersei” then he effectively did. Maybe he didn’t lay out the exact path (killing the Freys, for instance), but the end result is the same.

I recognized Ed as soon as I heard the singing, since I’d read months back he had a cameo in the show where he sang. Usually singing is done by Bronn (who has a deeper voice and was also played by a singer…turned-actor), but as I could tell it wasn’t him it had to be Ed. So it was spoiled for me I guess, not that I care about his music at all. Not my thing.

SPOILER ALERT! Next episode will see Harry Styles killing Ed Sheeran.

Good points JM. Had forgotten about Little Finger’s stated intentions in s6.

Since s7 is dealing with Westeros at large, I looked through some maps and found this one particularly helpful in keeping some sort of reference for all of the locations in turmoil. To wit, in s7e3 there are scenes at King’s Landing, Dragonstone, Oldtown, and Winterfell, as well as battles at Casterly Rock and Highgarden.

I have mixed feelings concerning some of the scenes in s7e3. While the one between Varys and the Melisandre seemed rushed and awkward, that of the King Slayer and Olenna Tyrell was brilliant. Couldn’t make up my mind on the Jon Snow/Daenerys meeting, but based on her losing two fleets in as many battles, she could really use some help in the strategic planning dept.

And here’s hoping that the Gray Worm survives the siege at Casterly Rock. He and Arya make for great dark horses in this conflicted tale.


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Margaery’s dead, Zed. That was her grandmother, Olenna.

Right you are nb. Hard keeping track of all of those Tyrells, albeit Olenna is one of the strongest characters in the series and played by Diana Rigg no less. ← childhood pinup idol

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I think it was described best when some said “It’s pretty impressive to win your own death scene”.


Diana Rigg was brilliant as Olenna and I’m sorry to see her go. Things are truly accelerating now as we go from the S6 finale and S7 opener where it seems everyone has united against Cersei to her suddenly wiping out not just one or two but three threats to her rule.
Instead of beset by enemies on all sides, the seas and south are now clear. The loss in the west was actually a win as an entire threatening army is now besieged and low on supplies.
Only the potential alliance of ice and fire remains to threaten her, even though half of it is more concerned with the coming darkness than the prosaic game of thrones.

My guess is when this season is done we’ll all wish they’d made it 8, 9, or even 10 episodes again instead of trying to compress things to fit in 7.

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Just caught up on the first three episodes. Quite the change of pace, in that last series they seemed to have ‘filler’ episodes where one or two things would happen, but now we are at full sail (Literally, in that the Uncle’s Iron Fleet looks like it can break the sound barrier getting around Westeros).

Best thing was Olenna and Jamie - felt sorry for the killer after some excellent final burns.

John Snow’s and Tyrian’s sea cliff ‘Brood Off’ was pretty good as well, although the sudden victories of Cersei seems a bit plot armor ish. I suppose they had to do some sort of dramatic balance for the OP dragons etc.

Apart from that, it was nice to see Sam do the magic cure of Dragonscale as ‘you just peel it off’. The whole Citadel scenes certainly gives a certain Harry Potter vibe, especially with Jim Broadbent around - I half expected him to yell ‘10 points away from Hufflepuff!’ when scolding Sam.

Apart from that, all feels a bit rushed. They barely have time to include the gratuitous boobs, bums and decapitations.


Jamie might be the most complex character in the series. Torn in so many directions. One has to feel that the King Slayer and Euron Greyjoy are headed for a major confrontation, one of which only one will walk away from.

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I can see it now. Euron loses his right hand, and thus gives Jamie the advantage. :smile:

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  1. I continue to enjoy de-tensioning Arya
  2. Bran with the hottest burns, the weakest game
  3. Danny bringing Napalm and air support to a medieval infantry/cavalry fight.
  4. Bronn is the real MVP like five? six? times tonight. Give that man Highgarden.

Is Littlefinger on Arya’s list? She gave him a ‘I’ve got lots of space my list buddy’ look for sure. I also liked it when butt kicked Brienne asked her ‘Who taught you?’ she replied honestly with ‘No-one’. Nice.

I don’t know if he is. So far the overall reaction of the Stark children (sans emo Bran) to a thirsty middle aged man very clearly trying to sleep with their eldest sister seems overwhelmingly negative. I also wouldn’t be surprised if at a salient plot juncture Bran pops out of his running “Life is meaningless, All is insignificant, Meera just doesn’t get how deep I am” monologue to casually let slip Littlefinger killed their dad.

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I also liked that Jon Snow went to his go-to game when it comes to the ladies, and took Danny into a cave. He’s batting 1/2 so far for that, so nice try. Hat’s off to the Children of the Forest for the scary drawings - good job they had that blue crayon for the eyes.

I felt Bronn’s plot armor was pretty thick tonight, but it was an amazing tracking shot watching him battle. I wonder if Jamie is going to do his prisoner thing Part Deux, in that surely they just won’t assume he sunk, will they? (Answer, probably - next episode starts with him crawling to shore dramatically spitting out water).


I’d imagine (hope) this sets Jaime up for the conclusion of the character arc set up during his adventures with Brienne: coming to terms with the fact he’s not a terrible person, but his sister/baby momma really is, and he might have to do something about that (like not obeying her every beck and call).

As for Bronn, if Bronn dies I riot. Bronn is clearly the true King of the Andals and the First Men, first of his name, long may he reign.


I just have to rate this episode 3/7.

I mean, at the end… Bron saves Jamie, yes but… Jamie was riding, Lance at the ready, in a foot of water.
Bron jumps up to throw it out of the way half a meter away from the horse and when he hits the water HE STARTS SINKING DOWN SO DEEPLY he could only be killed by being depth charged!

How?! What’s the sinking gradient of that frigging lake?!

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Westerosi glacial lake.

If we’re going to nitpick, how did Danny ascertain he location of the Lannister column, recall the remants of her fleet from the other side of the continent, plan and organize a landing with a force of thelassophobic Calvary, make good that landing, steady the horses, ride to the Lannister formation and attack in the time it took Theoff to sail half the distance back from Dorne?

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Obviously she loaded all the troops in the dragon.
…but that lake? That’s WAAAAAGH! material for me.

PS: No it’s not… :stuck_out_tongue: