Games we are playing


So after the ridiculous success of sharing that which we enjoy hearing from time to time I now would like to know “What are you playing(games pls)”. This is mostly intended as a general dump of games you are currently playing, would recommend playing. Just want to share a neat screenshot or event off, or perhaps even a small video. Nothing that really deserves a proper AAR or full thread but will still be of interest to the Mudspike community as a whole.

And since Mudspike mostly flies everything that it can get its hand on you may consider this thread to encompass all that is not flightsimulator :smile:

Also, I am totally not building androids based on your personalities. Totally not at all.

Like not like this…


To kick it off, Assetto Corsa, driving cars on tracks that I neither should be nor should be driving. Fun fun fun!


making stuff for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident


Looks interesting, what kind of a game is that?


Subnautica as of yesterday
Hearts of iron IV
Guild wars 2 (OK what I mean is I need to start playing again…)
Stellaris on and off
Lots of boardgames (power grid, formula d, sushi go party, 7 wonders, etc…)

I’ve been stuck for time. So many others I want to play.


Old school fleet tactics game


Megaman 4, not as good as 2 but a million times better than 3. Also holy crap is it hard to take an action shot in the game.



Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally
Project Cars
ADR1FT VR (horrible game play, but a relaxing mindless diversion)
Liftoff (drone fpv sim)


Project Cars
Assassin Creed series
Rabbids Invasion (kids love this)
COD Advanced Warfare (because it has split screen mode)


Played in last 2 weeks:
Farm Simulator 2017
The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited
PinballFX2 Bethesda Table Pack
X-Plane 10&11
Elite Dangerous
The Division
Google Earth VR
AeroFly FS2 VR



Total Warhammer
While I was home lots of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 hot seat
Dishonored 2
Arma 3

Thats pretty much it other than DCS recently


Run a video recording software and grab some frames from that if you really want to show action shots?


Day of Infamy
Battlefield 1

I want to get back into the following ASAP
Cities: Skylines
TW: Attila and Rome


Currently playing:

- AeroFly FS2 VR

  • Elite Dangerous (fairly obsessed at this point)
    - Spitfire in DCS VR

Child Unit #2 is going on about Battlefield 1, Overwatch and Dishonored 2 so will be taking a look at those this holiday week.

EDIT: Plus I really want to play Insurgency, but want to at least re-run again through the tutorial before I embarrass myself online.


Bit excessive just for a screenshot for the thread though, you know of a 25 year old game :smile:


We are anything if not excessive! It’s even in the name, MUDSPIKE!

Vroom, career start in the Abarth 500. Fun little bugger, reminds me a lot of the Mini Club events at, same kind of car.


So what your saying is next time do a 5 minute long 4k 60 fps GIF, done and done :stuck_out_tongue:


In no particular order

Elite dangerous
Assetto corsa
Euro and American truck simulator
Total war warhammer
Bloodbowl 2
MGS Phantom pain
Steel beasts

I have a host of others, but they need to be installed in the eternal fight for disc space


Some of you guys are cheating and putting in flight sims in a thread specifically for non-flight sims. :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:


So true, amended it. Left elite in as its a game more than a simulator.


@saghen is right! I had to check the fine-print but it is there.

10 points from Gryffindor, or something. Off to edit my posts.