Games we are playing


Guilty as charged. Amended.


X-Wing Alliance




(Yes, technically I’m doing flight sim development work with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Scourge of War Waterloo (and some X-Com 2)


Is it excessive enough if i play the old 8 bit ones in 3d? sorry we did say gif right? for anyone interested




Still one of the best on rails tactics shooters ever made, gaaaah republic commandos is great


What made it great was that it actually worked as a tactical game even without the Star wars slapped on it.
Like this it truly one of the best tactical FPS.


The Climb for Oculus Rift. I just got my Touch controllers. Woah! It’s a trip.


Absolutely, and what boggles my mind?

It isn’t realistic. It’s a tactical shooter that stands alone in that regard. The reason is quite simple and I can illustrate with a question: What is your primary weapon in RC?

If you answered DC-17, you’re wrong. If you said any of the trando guns or the wookiee weapons or the Genosian bullshit-blaster, you’re still wrong. Your primary weapons are Scorch, Fixer, and Sev.

The most important element of RC is placement of your team and getting the highest volume of damage down range. If it weren’t for the fact that there are parts where you operate alone, you could potentially beat the game without firing a shot. It made you consider your circumstances; should you maximize your damage output at a horde event by placing your troops at defensive positions while you slice? If one of your troops is in the orange, that’s probably not a good idea as the moment your fire is cut by a third, your other two team members are way more easily overwhelmed. May wanna have that orange do the slice while you shoot.

And from a narrative stand point, it did something that very few shooters ever do in their singleplayer: Actually made you feel like you were part of a team. In CoD, you’re basically just following a herd of AIs as they die and fight ad nauseum, infinitely respawning until you advance far enough. In RC? You had troops you interacted with. Losing one doesn’t mean you’re just going to get a replacement. Losing one severely handicaps your abilities and you need to figure out a way to rez him fast.

RC was seriously a brilliant game. The fact that they nixed the sequel to make Force Unleashed should make you feel a LOT better about LA being acquired by EA.They deserve it.


Battlefield 1. After days of playing, I am still not bored with the simple gorgeousness of this game. But what keeps bringing back is how complete strangers cooperate (or don’t) to accomplish a simple goal. It works best when a vocal leader like Maverick gets on, but usually works well enough with simple in-game commands. I don’t think I’ve bootcamped to Windows since at least September.


I have also been trying to get into Titanfall 2 but fail to see the charm. Plus, I am stuck on the arm of a crane and any move results in my death. My only path to recovery is to restart the campaign.


Do you like the multiplayer component then of TF2? heard many good things about it, although I do not know from personal experience.


Been driving a lot online at the Nordschleiffe tourist version in Assetto Corsa. Unfortunately some people think they need to fight you on every corner right out of the pitlane. 20KM is a long distance to get damaged… :wink:


This baby out accelerates any jet fighter you throw at it! Consequently it also looks like a jetfighter on the inside. It’s the car that drove 2016’ Le Mans to a victory over Audi. Driving this around on the Nurburgring gives you quite a bit of respect for what those drivers have to suffer through in an endurance event.


Quite enjoying playing WatchDogs2, even though it feels a bit like a cheap writers knock-off of the Mr Robot tv series. Yo hackers, dedsec, etc. :skull:


I’m playing Shoots and Ladders…and some day I’m going to win! (No screenshot available)


DCS with VR
World of Warships for a quicky.
Witcher3 for funzies

Need to work on DOOM and Elite Dangerous. .


Add running with rifles to the list. Simple fun. Still some time left on the sale if anyone is interested.


I’ve developed quite a Hearts of Iron IV habit over the last month or so. Other than that recently it’s been:

Kerbal Space Program
Arma III


Went back to the start, Megaman 1 finished