Games we are playing


My list is very much the same these days. More hearts of iron less Kerbal.


Older games were/are hard. I use Mame quite a bit on the TV and it’s sobering to realize how bad I am now. Newer games need to squeeze out those endorphin’s with clockwork precision, while old arcade cabinet ROM’s were happy to kick you in the quarters.


Besides Flight sims:

Wargame: Red Dragon
Transport Fever (if you loved transport tycoon you’ll likely like this, even has decent implementation of aircraft)
Battlefield 1
Total War: Warhammer
Steel Armor: Blaze of War



Maybe I should actually make a list, so here goes;

Act of Aggression
Assassin’s Creed 3
Baldur’s Gate 1+2
Batman: Arkham Origins
Bioshock Remastered
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Cities: Skylines
Dying Light
Elite: Dangerous
Endless Space 2
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China
Hearts of Iron IV
Icewind Dale
Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle for Stalikva
Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Mechwarrior Online
Satellite Reign
Star Wars games - Not gonna list all of them here
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter II
Tom Clancy’s The Division
Total War: Warhammer

And a lot more games waiting on me. Either new or games I haven’t finished but needed a break from


What a way to die in Dark Souls 2…


agree with you there, those arcade cabinets were designed to take as much money from you as possible :slight_smile: With MAME I sorta feel a bit is lost though as you aren’t spending any money to put those quarters in the machine. Having got out the old NES and playing some of my old games i do wonder if I would have put much time into some of the games had there been more alternatives back then like there is today.

Always enjoyed the old Megaman games though, right mix of good level design (well most of them anyway), simple game play mechanics and just the right difficulty, not too easy, not excessively hard.


Oh @near_blind - how is Oxenfree then? Curious about that one, but might be too much of a scardy-cat.


I liked it quite a bit, but I’ve admittedly got a massive softspot for stories involving teenagers set in the Pacific North West. Without spoiling too much there are some spooky bits, but they’re pretty tame. No real gore or anything like that.

The real magic is the voice acting, which is just as good, possibly better than Firewatch. The entire cast it seems are veterans of the Telltale series, and they seem to know their stuff. The “game” mechanic was onobtrusive and effective, and overall it compared favorably if passingly to one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures: Life is Strange.


you may want to avoid this then


Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Lots of BZZZT and KRZZZZGT with kaboomies interspersed.


Nice! I will not enjoy that! :smile:
I love they way they put this disclaimer at the very bottom of the page:

IMPORTANT: If you have had a near-death experience, or suffer from a heart condition or epilepsy, we strongly advise not doing this experience.


While I was waiting for the AB+ dlc for Binding of Isaac to get here gave Dr. Wiley another beat down in Megaman 2


that’s a great game. I should reinstall it.


And the new DLC is here for Binding of Isaac! so many hours lost to this game


Oh that’s one addictive game I haven’t tried yet.

So, SoaSR, I am lovin it.

Home Fleet is moving in on the last enemy hold, a pirate base close to the blue giant star. Deep Space Nine is orbiting it with a defense fleet :wink:

Last stand of the empire, in a 2 normal AI and me VS 1 hard and 1 normal. My nearest compadre couldn’t fend off the enemy so I was constantly reinforcing him. Unfortunately my other ally was being attacked with a Titan, which I was about to build, but at this very same moment a pirate fleet was attacking my home planet and Titan shipyard.

I was stretched to thin, to far. In the screenshot you can see the last of my capital ships and cruisers putting up a good fight as the rest of the frigates has been destroyed.


Bought Mad Max on steam for a couple of pounds during the sale. I am more than impressed. Its much more fun than I thought it would ever be. At that price I would have bought several times over. Love a bit of violence !!!

One going over, but one is already under !!!


Just finished Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Edition on the PS4. Not a bad game at all.

I’m turning laps in Project CARS for the moment.


It was recently giffted to me and being a HUGE fan of the franchise I totally love it!


DCS: ASJ-37 Viggen
Titanfall 2
Hearts of Iron