Ground Branch finally got their &^%$ together!

Good times for tactical shooter fans …


agreed it’s awesome!

AGREED… Ground Branch v1032 released and even thou 10 yrs in development so far, and still early access… my favorite current game. Self-practice today, MP tomorrow afternoon/Evening. If anyone wants to do some testing/playing. Look me up.


I will give it a try this weekend as well. I only have dipped my toe in and found it was still pretty rough.

Broadcasting a noob look today at 1 Eastern… will upload later to my You Tube. A lot of great stuff in the new build.

gotyoursixgaming - Twitch

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My broadcast video is uploaded on You Tube. This is for the new player and/or someone who may be interested in this awesome tac shooter. IMO of course.

Starts with settings, then character, then training, then a solo mission.

Ground Branch Noob Tube - YouTube

Thanks for the heads up @Magnum50. Just tried 1032 … OUTSTANDING PATCH! I also checked out your YouTube video and your night vision/laser scopes seem to be screwed up. I think you have to delete the two folders mentioned in the patch notes …

I’m in the Eastern time zone and I’ll try to look you up tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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Is it a decent single player experience?

I wouldn’t say so. Not that it can’t be done, but it’s definitely not designed for it.

The value is definitely in the coop play.

Thanks … that seems like a common theme with tactical shooters these days.

Ready or Not is still mostly geared towards coop but actually has a decent AI command interface for single player, that might be the better option if you’re looking for that.

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Not a FPS kind of guy (at least not in several years) but it seems the single-player experience is gradually being ignored over time. Just a feeling. I mean, my refrigerator/car/toaster boast some connection with AI these days, my sim-games begrudgingly so. It’s easy to ignore.

Just FYI when you select lone wolf in the game menu it tells you team AI is coming… remember this is still an Early Access title.

Thanks guys… I am sure that the games developers have moved towards multiplayer because the experience can be so much better with the added bonus of not really needing to put as much development into AI. My problem is that when I want to play a game, I don’t want to have to pre-arrange a time to meet up with friends I know. I also want the ability to hit pause and come back to the game later without affecting the other members of my team.

I remember a time when multiplayer was a bonus feature…a long time ago it seems.


Thanks to Mace for answering my laser question in my you tube video… you got to go up in the low ready settings (mouse wheel) to use the laser sight… I’m ready for night missions now. lol

BTW you’d think that new RIG map was a nice small one, you’d be mistaking… it’s actually one of the largest with 4 levels. (lucky you can select all levels or just 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 for missions) it’s AWESOME.


@Magnum50, that’s how you use the laser WITHOUT the scope but when I said your scopes with lasers looked screwed up I meant this (which I took right out of your YouTube vid) …

With the laser the scope seems blacked out and with the IR laser it looks really blurry.

Yes, not sure what it’s supposed to look like… I deleted those 2 files, aways do… but it’s working now. Had some great missions with Grizzley today.

Anyone wanting to hit me up for some co-op feel free to message me. Usually, afternoons and a couple evenings.

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You should be able to see pretty clearly through your scope with your NOD and your laser or IR laser on. :slight_smile: Glad you got yours working.

I’m amazed at how much Blackfoot polished GB up. The game is absolutely beautiful and everything configures and works perfectly. It’s a great firearms simulator too and all the guns look beautiful, except for the 1911 which you can’t see the front sight … I’m using the M9A4 in the mean time. The character models and gear look equally amazing … like, I mean, come on! …

No clown costumes, glam weapons or unlocks here! :slight_smile:

One real life technique I’m using with GB is pistol backplate shooting because you can’t really see the whole pistol sight picture when you have your NOD on. It’s pretty blurry. I posted a vid about this before in the Podcasts thread re the DJ Shipley episode and I’ll post it again here now. This technique works perfectly in GB because you don’t have to worry about muscle memory gun alignment … it’s automatic … just hold your backplate over the thoracic region and pull the trigger …

Creepy super tight but beautiful CQB in Ground Branch looking for intel …

Lots of nice audio queues. Turn on your 7.1 surround sound. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been out of the business for a while, so this may be dated. But that was the entire point of having an IR laser on the rifle was, so you didn’t have to try and cram you NODs behind your optic which was usually nowhere near the right spot to do so ergonomically. Even if you ran it super far forward, your head position almost always necessitated looking through your tubes at a weird angle which cut off part of your field of view. In a static position you could usually jockey your head around enough for it to work, but in CQB I never had any success with it.

Real world, we found a use for the old school incandescent bulb pistol lights with IR filters (and later for IR LED lights). For anything other than a hostage shot, aiming at the center of hot spot of the IR illuminator beam was more than combat accurate at CQB distances. Not sure if that’s an option in GB (it’s been on my wish list forever, I just haven’t pulled the trigger).

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