Ground Branch Lone Wolf Challange... join in

Let’s have some Lone Wolf fun with BlackFoot Studios Ground Branch. Reply in this post with a screenshot of your best LW time on Plane Only, 20 trained bad guys. Any load out. I set a regular guy benchmark… Slow and tactical or fast and furious. BTW NO INJURIES. Keep it clean.

BTW that’s 6:40 for me if you can’t see the time top center.

Challange thrown…



I went Ghost Recon on these mofo’s. :slight_smile: M110 + ACOG + Suppressor.

Oh darn, just noticed I got wounded … back to the drawing board. :frowning:

Great shooting practice though and oddly enough it reminds me of that Rally Driving challenge we had last year. :smiley:


Still 3 mins is a nice time… I first tried running and gunning it to a good 4 min but was injured every time. Had to slow it down a little to be more tactical and hit an uninjured time.

not easy to resist this one. I mean last tac shooter I played was R6, I like challenges… and its on sale right now :slight_smile:

Bought it last night, and gave it a run. Still trying to figure out which gun combo i want, kinda sad I can carry 3 guns lol

If you look at my recent video on my you tube I recorded my first tun, but it was a slow 10 mins… I’ve improved since. But I use the Mk18 (which I have IRL, I also use the 1-8 sight and start with it zoomed in to pick off targets then move back to 1x for clearing the plane.

I actually have a Vortex 1-8 on my long gun AR15 IRL… but on my Mk 18 IRL I have a Holosun green dot for close quarters and home defense. :wink:


I tend to do the same exact thing, LOL! I’ve got an M4A1 Block II FSB set up just like my real one, down to the colors (except I have a streamlight instead of a surefire on that one, and a different LaRue mount for the optic. It’s awesome, just wish it was VR!

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Alright I’ll bite. As I’m installing, what is the CTE and do I need to install it for 30 gbs worth of HD space?

That’s the beta version, where new features are released first. Since the latest version just came out I probably wouldn’t bother right now.

I am very envious of this weapon. Would love to own one

did that, good execution, I am in. installing now. as I mentioned, my last tac shooter was orig R6 and I liked it. so it will take time to get familiar with hunting pixels on the ground again.

btw my favourite is MP5SD. hope its available :slight_smile:

I’m going with PSA’s AK-103, the only AK-pattern rifle with a barrel by FN Herstal.


Excellent choice!

slow clap GIF

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finally I was able to locate all the skynet androids :slight_smile: it happened to me twice that after airplane clean up I ended up with two missing which were nowhere to be found.

my results

my primary. I decide for no compromises in the outside :sunglasses:

so my secondary had to work hard inside the airplane

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Ya, I had to do it a couple of times, clear everything then get to the end would be 19 killed… had to go search for the dude must have been outside peeing somewhere. lol


That MP5SD6 is really deadly on three round burst mode and it was a strong contender but I went with the FN FAL TACTICAL! You can put two scopes on it, long range and short range! I still went with my trusty Beretta M9A3 to clean house in plane.

So my dirty time was 3:06 and my clean time was 4:28 …

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When you infiltrate the cockpit, have a good look around outside of the plane for peeing stragglers. :smiley: The windshield isn’t bulletproof.

very good time Elby

btw what shoes do you use with your operator… because mine cant run that fast :wink:

Try to keep your loadout in the “light” category. With the JPC it’s easily done, and I’m not whether armor actually changes damage taken yet.

that definitely helped, to go light… and the discovery of dual sights and that turning of power in the airplane will give me some additional small advantage

(for some reason had there 21 droids instead of 20)

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