GT Omega Sim Cockpit

Now that I am semi-retired and CO Home Command (wife) thinks that i have too much time on my hands, I have finally decided that now is time to build a sim pit. Monitor mounts are not really an issue as I will be using it exclusively with VR.

For what I was looking at spending on materials (metal rather than wood - I’m a better welder than carpenter) I came across these GT Omega set-ups that only cost a fraction more:

I will have enough clearance that the front will fit far enough under my current desk so I will be able to keep the monitor where it is and reach keyboard and mouse if I remove the steering wheel shelf (and still have a full range of motion for the joystick with a small extension).

Has anyone any experience with the GT Omega products? i.e. are they value for money or should I just build my own?


@mudcat has got a wheelstand from GT Omega. Maybe he can tell you something about the quality…?


Hi just joined the forums and found this. I have the art cockpit and most of the mounts. The gear is well built and worth the price (I live in the UK) . I have done a couple of Mods to the rig using 3/4 " ply and am continuing trying to get the rig just right for me, the first thing was to raise the seat about 8" as I couldn’t get used to being so low and near the floor.

I am a user of DCS, Falcon BMS(new favourite sim), Xplane and MSFS. My current favourite a/c is F16 and trying to set the rig up to suit that. I am happy to send some pics if you want. I also have a 3D printer and trying my hand at creating panels. You say that you can weld so maybe you would be able to making your own or some cool mods. Anyway get back to me if you want more info,

Hopes this helps


Hey @disaldo welcome to the asylum :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the seat height looked like it would be an issue for me as well, so I actually ended up going with the

Cost a bit more than the GT Omega set-up but no mods required (except for casters to replace the feet) and I am more than happy with it.

I am a fair welder, but my wife recently learned how to weld (she wanted to make metal sculptures) and now I can’t get my MIG away from her - she is currently making a Xmas tree out of horseshoes.

I have been seriously considering one of the NLR pits…. Part of me says “you really don’t need this” but …. Let’s just say my resolve, such as it is, is weakening.

Well then. Let me influence the (bad) influencer…

They are about perfect for flight sims. I have already started to wear a decent butt groove into mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I forgot to mention that they are also compatable with all the NLR motion systems :wink:


We will see how the next few months pan out. :wink:

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