GT Omega Sim Cockpit

Now that I am semi-retired and CO Home Command (wife) thinks that i have too much time on my hands, I have finally decided that now is time to build a sim pit. Monitor mounts are not really an issue as I will be using it exclusively with VR.

For what I was looking at spending on materials (metal rather than wood - I’m a better welder than carpenter) I came across these GT Omega set-ups that only cost a fraction more:

I will have enough clearance that the front will fit far enough under my current desk so I will be able to keep the monitor where it is and reach keyboard and mouse if I remove the steering wheel shelf (and still have a full range of motion for the joystick with a small extension).

Has anyone any experience with the GT Omega products? i.e. are they value for money or should I just build my own?


@mudcat has got a wheelstand from GT Omega. Maybe he can tell you something about the quality…?