Show us your sim pit!


Hi team,

If this is a double up, feel free to remove - but it seems Mudspike users have some really cool sim pits / flying stations and we don’t have a thread to collectively show them off.

So, without further ado, please show us the carefully designed home altar of your niche hobby! All entries are welcome.

I’m starting out with mine - a rather basic setup, so nobody should feel embarrassed:

  • TMWH HOTAS - to be mounted lower “soon”
  • MFG Crosswinds with a home-made MDF base
  • TrackIR 5 with the TrackClip Pro and a pair of BOSE QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones, doubling up as my work headphones for the open plan office
  • A crude wooden box to lift the tiny screen closer to eye level.

I look forward to seeing the latest iterations of Troll’s pit etc. to put me to shame and give me ideas. Go!


Oh, you can count on it! :wink:
I just have to get back home and take some new beauty shots…


I’ll have to get some pictures when I get home too! This is going to be a fun thread!


Keep them coming for inspiration as I will rebuilt little my siming table in the comin weeks. My ergonomics quite changed with ruder pedals under the table.


Hi Bearhedge. Nice looking Warthog.

Some years ago a friend (where are you @CavCpt ?) suggested adding MFCDs with my new pedals. Also wanted a modular setup that could be removed from my desktop, so I came up with this “flight deck”.

This is the first one I built -

It can be lifted off the table, silver handles are on the sides, 1 AC cord, one USB, a ground and mic are the connections.

It doesn’t have enough space between the throttle and stick for the keyboard. It is inconvenient to go from KB to mouse -

This is second generation -

The stick is further right and there is good working space -

The components are wired to a screw post for grounding with a 10 Meg Ohm resistor in series -

A 7-port USB hub is mounted in back, the green wire is the ground -

I am also moving my stick lower, the rough frame in the lower right is the beginning of a low table that the stick with extension will mount to, along with a trackball -

As soon as the woodshop dries out we’ll get back to work on the stick table -


Nice! I like the fact that it can be removed…that makes it easier to get board approval.

I guess this is really showing my ignorance when it comes to the dark magic they call ‘electricity’…but is that grounding business required? The grounded wall plug to which all the wiring eventually leads doesn’t do the trick?


The computer is usually on a grounded plug, but most of the other components are two-wire AC plugs. A static discharge through a Warthog metal case would go through the computer to ground. I’ve had issues so that’s why the extra wiring. For the same reason, I have a couple external USB hubs to connect peripherals to, instead of plugging anything directly into the MB USB ports. Here is a USB3 hub with mounting flanges.


Here’s the Obutto I bought a while back from The SimHQ-Er Formerly Known As Peppergomez.

I’m thinking I’ll put the steering wheel base back on, and when I upgrade my aux monitor, I’ll put the old one on there and mount the MFD’s to it.


We’ve been refinancing since the end of November (don’t ask!), and as such, we’ve checked off many home projects off of our list in preparation, including this particular setup. The desk as shown will soon be painted black, so I’ll take this opportunity to do a before and after comparison:


Where’s the Xbox controller you manipulate with your feet?



:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :fire:


Were those pedals found along with the Shroud of Turin or sump’n? You’ve logged a lot of hours on those babies! :smiley:

Ah yisss!


Black is also a favorite of mine … put on your sunglasses kids, here’s YET ANOTHER pic of my “sim pit” …


Nice @Linebacker
Do you keep the stick on the desk? I ordered a 20cm extension for my new side table mount. We’re going to have to do some MP.


@Navynuke99 do you have a Warthog extension on that rig?


I don’t, just the stock Obutto Warthog mount. Height works for me as is though.


No, and I fear I’d bust the stick right off the ball gimbal with an extension … be careful as added extension means added torque.

I built this thing for my stick a while back …


And the MonsterTech desk clamps are highly recommended too. :wink:


I love to see how other simmers build, adapt and decorate their pits…
My own SimBox has been updated numerous times. Sometimes I think I have spent more time building than simming. As long as you’re having fun, right? :wink:

Without further ado… The latest pics of the ConTrollR SimBox:


Dang, that’s nice!

@Redblue2112; I do like the convenient briefing table behind the pilot seat!

I’m afraid I dare not show my arrangement, it would be shamed here. Because of where I live, with custom’s restrictions, importation taxes, retentions in the post office if you mail order from abroad, and fines if you get caught trying to bring in anything of more capability than the base systems that are on public sale in the country, I was lucky to be able to get together something that can run X-Plane!

It is kind of like a computer version of this…

…so enough said! LOL!