Hands-on with Quest 3 headset shows Meta's going all in on mixed reality

The hype-train leaves the station…

I wasn’t intending to buy this - and if that info given is correct I won’t miss it. I rarely use my Quest 2 now, my Pico is far better in all ways but one (battery). I certainly don’t feel the need to drop the Pico 4 for Quest 3.

Quite disappointed, actually, even if i don’t get it I want to see improvements in the consumer technology. Yes - there are improvements, but not in things I care about and not that much.

Still, time will tell.

PS - taken from the Pico 4 passthrough:


The great thing about VR today is that the race is accelerating. Every entrant in the race is pushing the rest to make an even better headset. They benefit from the rapidly growing market they’ve created. And we benefit from an ever improving playing experience. I guess what I am saying is AHM. All headsets matter.


I think it’s quite hilarious how they are making such a big thing out of the fact you can (supposedly) use your phone with Quest 3 passthrough - been able to do that - and everything else - since I got Pico 4.

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My understanding is that Pico 4 Does not connect directly to a PC: Only wirelessly?

Natively, yes - although I have heard of people doing it, it hasn’t interested me so I haven’t looked into it.

Here’s the way to do it that I heard of - not tried:

Meta has officially unveiled the brand-new next-generation headset, the Meta Quest 3. Boasting more than twice the GPU processing power, next-gen Snapdragon chips, and higher resolution displays on the headset will allow for smoother and faster gameplay and entertainment.

With a 40% slimmer optic profile, comfort is at the forefront alongside the new lightweight Touch Plus controllers that conform to any hand size.

TrueTouch haptics allows players to physically feel a difference in the experiences on Meta Quest 3 for over 500 titles. Meta Quest 3 launches in Fall 2023 for $499.

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While Further Alienating PC users…


Yeah, still seen nothing to make me want this over Pico 4. I will say, though, that I had zero interest in original Quest until they released the Link function. I returned my first one but as soon as Link was revealed I bought another one. In some ways I still regret selling it - the OLED lenses were impressive and the darks in NMS VR were so much deeper.

not watching this closely, but has it just pass-through or it is capable of mixed-reality experience?

Apparently this pass-through will impart some AR capabilities

It seems like a step up but certainly not revolutionary. I’ll probably buy it.

Not at all. I’m guessing that the Q3 will be like the Q2 and QPro and connect to PC via cable or WiFi. Best of both worlds. I use a single USB3 cable to connect my QPro. Works brilliantly. I can play Steam and Meta games without Revive.

I think it’s the quest ecosystem and interface software essentially that tends to keep people loyal. The other Headsets I’ve tried, the interface is generally a mess, with windows mixed reality getting the most demerits.


I think you are probably right. 2 out of 10 people polled agree: I am not a total idiot. I can build a PC in an hour. I can code passably in Python and Arduino’s dumbed-down version of C++. But I don’t mod. Things work or they don’t. And those that don’t get sent back. Zucko is a ■■■■ of the highest order. But that doesn’t change that the Rift and Quest just work.

The word was “Tee…W…A…Tee”. I mean c’mon! Really?


Hey, Discobot makes the rules…

I bet I can fool him with tvvat though.


I once had the word ‘escort’ edited out on the FS forum. Talk about over the top…

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Has Ford been notified that this word is now verboten?

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Official announcement today, lot’s of hands on impressions and in stores October 10. From what I can gather, Norm put it best, the definition of a Reverb G2 but with clarity and sweet spot comparable to the quest pro for 500 dollars (at least for us PC users that is almost all that seems to matter). Oculus good wireless and maybe a good enough hand tracking could also be some interesting features. Honestly I’m intrigued by the better sweet spot, because it’s the one thing I cannot get past on my G2 and one of the biggest reasons why I am not yet sold to VR. I also wonder how Oculus software runs and how much resources the enhanced resolution will take, because I remember that the Quest 2 wasn’t as efficient for FPS as other headsets for DCS… (and that is still my second gripe with VR). I’ll wait before we need a supercomputer to run VR, but I dunno, I am actually excited for this.