Harrier PDF missing some

The guide at Chuck's Guides is missing some of the controller setup for the HOTAS throttle.

Any idea what other mappings are needed?


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Care to be more specific?

Welcome @malk0lm!

We would need some more detail as to what exactly you are looking for.

You can also take a look at my controller profile here: Wes' DCS Cheat-Sheets for TM Warthog
The spreadsheet does a visual display of multiple aircraft control profiles, and my Harrier layout was based on @Chuck_Owl’s with some modifications.

I’ll tag @Franze as he is an excellent Harrier pilot and may have some more insight and suggestions than I would as he flies it more than I do.

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It’s my impression that Chuck’s guides make recommendations as to the essential commands programmed to HOTAS to operate the aircraft, but do not attempt to map every button for every type of controller. Your graphic depicts something similar to a TM Warthog, which is based on the real life A-10 throttle, not an AV-8B throttle.

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I get that there is a recommendation, but there are two boxes missing for the other two buttons, unless those arrows are intentionally left in there and are not intended to be mapped to anything.

There isn’t anything bound on the Warthog throttle for those functions. The real thing has the TDC, airbrake, CM/ECM four way, comm 1 + 2, and a growth A/A button. Chuck’s guide uses that image template to show how he binds the various controls, so the arrows/functions aren’t always linked to things.

I use a CH setup so my bindings are different entirely.


Oh good, I thought I was missing something

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Yeah, it’s just sheer laziness on my part. I re-use the same template and crop the text boxes where I don’t have anything to map.

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:rofl: - I don’t think anyone could ever accuse you of laziness. The amount of work that goes into those guides is insane.


OMG, I’ve even printed a couple of the guides in color and had them bound. Pure goodness…


I really want to do this!