Heads Up Mud Hen Pilots! WinWing F-15E and EX Throttle

I’ve had my eyes on this since I saw the post on Facebook. It might be time to finally replace my Suncom F-15E Talon HOTAS. :smile:


Some sort of haptic feedback in there too…

That looks hella sexy!

Looking forward to this! I purchased the F-18 throttle/stick set up based on jedimaster’s recommendation and haven’t looked back. Went for the F-16 setup as well. Solid piece of kit.

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Well they moved fast now didn’t they?

That brought back some memories.

Wallet on High Alert. DEFCON 1

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Gotta admit I’m pretty impressed with WinWing’s lineup.

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As a side note, that would work great with the DCS Eurofighter too. Just saying…


two versions…I see some more switches and different layout in some.
I might upgrade to it…or just upgrade my actual orion 1 with just the handles

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This looks pretty cool. I need to remember to take a look when it launches. Thanks for posting!

Just a quick note from near the end of the video posted above:


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I’m a little surprised that the EX HOTAS is in the public domain already.

I don’t think it means that.
There were 2 versions of the Viper stick. The F-16 and F-16EX. The EX has an additional trigger/2 hats that go on the side that the real stick doesn’t have.
I wonder if this is the same–the EX throttle has extra controls a real F-15 doesn’t but that you may want for other planes/sims.

I’m planning on getting the EX depending on the price difference because I fly multiple aircraft and suspect I’ll map the extras to something. TBH, I like that WinWing has the foresight and is providing options for users.


Thank you for that clarification. However i think that EX coincidence has made it more desirable. Lucky them! I AM quite happy with the products i bought from them and look forward to this release.

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Same here. It looks like I can have a fair facsimile of Hornet, A-10 and Strike Eagle controls on the throttle, and I can live with it for everything else (like I do with the Hornet throttle grips!)

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Too bad the winwing F16 throttle doesn’t have a slap switch. Missed chance there. Fairly easy to mod in tho, I reckon.


Yeah, with the number of switches and sliders and wheels on the EX, it looks to me like you could cover all of your bases.

Only problem for me is my Taurus startup panel won’t support all the functions of the new grip it looks like.


Did you see the new Thrustmaster one? Not only a slap switch, but a decent gear handle on the base as well!


I like my WinWing throttles but i leave the F-16 as is. The sencond one i find easy to change from F-18 to something else. F-15EX… I am IN