Health and Fitness Thread (2021)

With some of you guys being confined to their quarters, i still hope this isn’t a bad time to start a new health and fitness thread.

Despite my doc telling me that i shouldn’t run too much because of my slightly dissimilar leg lengths, i’ve decided that doing less cardio i’m off even worse. Squeezing in a decent bike ride after work feels like way more hassle. Besides i’m just going to trust myself on this, because since i’ve picked up barefoot running, it feels just incredibly good and i’ve had no joint pain whatsoever (that doesn’t go for my calves though, yikes). Still a good way off from last year’s form but that’s gonna improve quickly, just need to go careful on the feet not to hurt myself in the beginning.

Besides that, thanks to the tips from my doc I’ve picked up a daily routine of stretching and a few body core strength exercises that have completely cured my lower back issues (had developed a bit of a lordosis). I’ve even startet hitting the hangboard (which i absolutely despise) twice a week to get my finger strength back (haven’t trained since they locked up the boulder gym in October).

Overall i think I haven’t felt so at ease with myself since i was a kid. University filled up a huge part of my headspace. Doing sports feels more like fun again and less like something that I have to push myself to do.

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