Health and Fitness Thread (2022)

I figure we should probably get the 2022 rendition of this thread going. Who’d have thought it would be me that kicks it off this year? :astonished:

So, back when I was in the RAF, the one piece of gym equipment I enjoyed using was the rower but that was 20+ years ago now… This week, I took delivery of a Pro-Form Pro R10 rower which uses the iFit platform.

They are running a promotion at the moment where if you sign up to the iFit membership for 3 years, you get a rower, cycle-trainer or treadmill thrown in for free… (or you could look at it as free membership when you buy a piece of equipment :thinking:). Anyway, I figured it made sense to go with this offer rather than buy the equipment and then subscribe…plus the subscription also works with the treadmill that I don’t use often enough…so maybe now I will :thinking: :rofl:.

So, lets see how it goes. It turns out that rowing is a pretty great all round exercise that is low impact (so I have read). I am 3 days in and while I definitely feel like I ache all over, it feels much better than when I run.

Today’s workout:

Tyler A I’m coming for you! :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :grin:


How many clothes can I hang on it?

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Plenty… but hopefully I will remain motivated to actually use it for the intended purpose. :rofl:

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My LiveStrong bike has lots of places to hang things. At least…I think it is still under all those clothes…


I really should use it more. But I love being outside too…


I have a rower, too (very low tech compared to yours).

And this year I have already used it once!

…that’s not enough is it?

My fitness group exists again after two years of pause and I am going there again. I need it, since Corona added 20kg or so to my weight.

Plan so far:

  • Mondays 1 hour fitness group
  • Thursdays Yoga with my wife (the sport one, not the relaxation/meditation variant)
  • some rowing (shooting for half an hour twice a week, for now.)
  • once it is warmer: Shoot my bow for an hour once a week.

→ end up somewhere near 90kg (below 200lbs, or 15 stones, or whatever unit you use).

Current weight is… I don’t dare to measure but somewhere near 110kg or 240lbs.


You can do it.
Remember a little bit every day is better than breaking your back one weekend and then being stuck for a month.


Very true…and I am guilty of overdoing it at the beginning. I need to pace myself. :+1:

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Me too, I speak out of personal experience.
I wish I could say I learned it too…

Hey Paul…is your wife still doing IM type stuff? For me, it was a one and done. Maybe at 60… ( :rofl: )…

Erika still does a lot of distance cycling, running and mountain biking…but she isn’t training for another Iron Man at this point. Never say never though.

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My current fitness program is go to work LOL! I’m a flatbed trucker so I start strapping my load at around 5:30 am. At around 7:00, my Fitbit vibrates telling me I’m getting a good workout. At around noon it usually tells me I’ve done 10,000 steps. Just looking at my arms … biceps are getting pretty big! :kissing_heart: I’m showing my “guns” to the wife on the regular now LOL!

I’d still like some good low impact cardio tho so that rowing machine looks fun, especially if it has one of those screens so that I have an excuse to watch some porn ha ha!

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So a status report…so far I am really liking this thing… I have been rowing most days I have been at home (not all, but most)… I’m not seeing much in the way of weight loss, but my Watts per hour average output has increased a bit (from 278 on the first day to about 315 now)… The nice thing about it is that it is low impact and I find I actually want to jump on the rower on consecutive days… :sunglasses:

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I still don’t row a lot. But now I have at least found kind of a rhythm and work out twice a week.

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I really should have gone bigger into fitness, or at least stayed with it, out of high school.

I’m 35, was out of shape until last summer, and now I’m doing the kind of PT you’d expect high school and collegiate athletes to be doing AND no joint or muscle pain aside from the expected muscle soreness. I absolutely hit jackpot in terms of genetics, I swear.


The last couple of years have been rough when it comes to my own fitness routine- for those of you all who are parents, how the hell do you do it? I haven’t even been able to look at my bike since July of 2020, and working out at the gym has been a non-option since Delta started popping up last year. Started running again, but found it easy to let myself get sidetracked with that between grad school, hospitalizations for the youngest one, the ridiculously cold weather, and now having to get the oldest on the bus for school just as the workday is supposed to be starting. So yes, lots of good excuses for not maintaining a regular workout schedule. :upside_down_face:

I got yelled at by my Dr after my physical last month, so I’ve been going vegetarian at least 5 days a week, cutting back to only drinking on weekends, and slowly trying to get back into a regular routine of some sort. I’m wrapping up a swim strokes clinic at the Y, and hoping to get back to swimming laps more regularly- when I can find the time. In the meantime, we’re both working at being better about doing little things here and there, between meetings, chasing little ones, and running the 9th load of laundry of the week.


Three weeks later and so far so good. I don’t think that I look physically any different yet, but I’m getting my Watts/hour up…typically at about 340 now. And finally the scales tell me that my weight is starting to come off. I’m down 7 Lbs from when I started in late January. Hopefully I can keep this going. :sunglasses:


Pretty much the same here, both the weight loss and added power, and sadly I still look the same.

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Picked up Thrill of the Fight for my Oculus Quest 2 after reading about people getting into great shape playing it in VR! General consensus is do some warmup with Beat Saber before entering the ring ha ha!

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I was honestly surprised at the sweat a bud of mine built up playing VR games like beat saber. That legitimately got me interested in VR more, some how.

I did some VR archery a while back and was surprised how much of a workout it was, considering that the bow has zero draw weight.

Unfortunately being sweaty under a VR headset isn’t exactly a nice feeling.

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